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Data Analysis and Visualization with Power BI

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Data is the new crude oil and the success of business in the 21st century is heavily reliant on the ability to mine and use consumers’ data, financial data and internal operations data to drive business decisions. 

Our instructor-led Power BI training helps teams adopt Power BI for self-service business intelligence and analytics. Through this practical-based approach with hands-on labs and in- person guidance, attendees will be able to build and share stunning visualizations and valuable data insights quickly and easily with Power BI. This expertly designed framework will leave attendees with the knowledge they need to take full advantage of Power BI capabilities and set them up for success with the tool. 

The question is, where do you start? During this three-day training, we’ll walk you through the necessary steps: we’ll import data with queries, create a data model with the necessary relationships and calculations, build an interactive report and publish it. Lastly, we’ll make a dashboard that you can share with your colleagues. 

$ 126.90

Event Date: 08/02/2024 – 10/02/2024


More Dates

18/09/2024 – 20/09/2024

Price: $ 126.90



  • History of Business Intelligence 
  • The development of Self Service 
  • Business Intelligence 
  • Introducing Power BI 
  • How does Power BI fit in? 
  • Introducing the three main tools – Power BI Service, Power BI desktop & Power BI Mobile 
  • When to use Power BI Desktop 
  • Free versus Pro Signing up to the Power BI online service 
  • Which sources of Data can I use in Power BI Desktop? 

 Power BI Desktop 

Introducing Power BI Desktop 

  • Which version – 32 or 64 bit 
  • Starting Power BI Desktop 
  • Desktop interface 
  • Ribbon and QAT 
  • Sign-in and collapse ribbon Navigation 
  • Getting Data and available sources 

The BI Process 

  • The Business Intelligence process 
  • How Power BI relates to the standard BI processes. 

Data Source and loading 

  • Introduction to the data source used in this course 
  • Creating Tables of Data 
  • Import data from Excel 
  • Import data from Web 
  • Renaming Queries 
  • Grouping Queries 
  • Including and Excluding Queries in report refresh 
  • Applying Queries 
  • Viewing Query dependencies 
  • Merge Query Types 
  • Cleaning the resulting query 

Using Data from an Excel Workbook 

  • Understanding your data 
  • Importing data from an Excel worksheet 
  • Excel Tables 
  • Importing table data from the Excel file 
  • Saving in Power BI Desktop 


  • Overview of Visualizations 
  • Creating and working with Visualizations 
  • Creating a Bar Chart Visualization 
  • Creating a Column Chart Visualization 
  • Creating a Line Chart Visualization 
  • Some basic formatting of Visualizations 
  • Focus Mode 
  • Creating a Card Visualization 
  • Giving Cards some impact 
  • Creating a Table Visualization 
  • Creating a Matrix Visualization 
  • Creating a Bubble Map Visualization 
  • Creating a Filled Map Visualization 
  • Creating A Gauge Visualization 
  • Creating a Treemap Visualization 
  • Using variance measures in a Waterfall chart 
  • Create drill downtime series chart 
  • Drill down chart interaction 
  • Create drill-down bar chart 
  • Creating What if Parameters 
  • Using What if parameters in a chart 
  • Enabling Q & A in Power BI Desktop 
  • Create a visual with Q & A 
  • Using Bookmarks in Power BI Desktop 
  • Bookmarks to filter data 
  • Bookmarks to change visuals 
  • Add buttons to access bookmarks 

 Working with Formats & Visualizations 

  • Axes 
  • Data Labels and titles  
  • Sizing & Alignment 
  • Data colours, backgrounds, and Borders 

From Visualizations to Reports 

  • Adding Pages to your Reports 
  • Renaming Pages 
  • Re-using Visualizations 
  • Building a Narrative in your report 
  • Editing & Reading Modes 
  • Pie Chart Visualizations 

Text B Text boxes Shapes 

  • Introducing Visual Interaction 
  • Turning Interaction On or Off 
  • Interacting by Filtering, Highlighting or None 

Working with Filters 

  • Creating a Slicer 
  • Filtering in the Visualization pane 
  • Creating a Visual Field filter 
  • Creating a Top N Filter 
  • Adding a page level Filter 
  • Creating pages from page level filters 
  • Add a report level Filter 

Working with Desktops Files 

  • Introduction to PBIX files 
  • Credentials 
  • Save a Desktop file as pbix 
  • Power BI Templates 
  • Refresh data from a template 
  • Generate a data source error 

Q & A 

  • Making Visualizations with natural language queries 
  • Enabling Q&A in Power BI Desktop 
  • Create a Visual using Q&A 
  • Add categories to the Q&A expression 
  • Add conditions to Q&A 
  • Add grouping to the Q&A 
  • Specify a visual type 

Refreshing your Data 

  • Refreshing your Datasets 
  • Contents of a Power BI pbix file 
  • Contents of a template file 
  • User profile content 

Power Query (Query Editor) 

  • Connecting to a database 
  • Building a Data Model 
  • Using Query Editor Formatting and Properties of Data types and their uses 
  • Loading Individual Tables 
  • Creating Relationships 
  • Deleting Relationships 

Using Custom Visuals 

  • Custom Visualizations Gallery 
  • Installing a Custom Visualization 
  • Word Cloud 
  • Chiclet Slicer 
  • World Flag Slicer 
  • Count Down Timer Cards with States 
  • Scroller 
  • Enlighten Aquarium 

Access Database & Power BI 

  • Importing an Access Database 
  • Data Relationships 
  • Stacked Column Chart 
  • Sorting an Existing Visualisation 
  • Adding Depth to your Report 
  • Focusing on Key Points of Interest 
  • Calculated Columns 
  • Adding a Calculated Column 
  • Displaying calculated columns in a visualization 
  • Using a Calculated column in a calculation 

Synchronize Slicers 

  • Introduction to Slice 
  • Synchronization 
  • The Sync Slicers pane 
  • Slicers Group 

Report Themes 

  • Introduction to Themes 
  • Theme Gallery 
  • Do it yourself themes 
  • Colour codes 
  • JSON file 
  • Theme generators 

Data Model & Transformation 

  • The Power Query process 
  • Data transformation principles 
  • Manual data clean-up example 
  • Removing rows from Tables 
  • Using first row as headers 
  • Filtering data 
  • Detect and change data type 
  • Filling Null areas with values 
  • Trimming text 
  • Replacing values 
  • A demonstration of how Power Query helps with efficient use of data query


3 days  


  1. Each participant is expected to have access to a system during the training as this is a practical class and this would aid active participation and understanding. 
  2. Prior knowledge of excel is compulsory as this is not a beginner non–intermediate excel class. 

Class Session : 10:00 am – 4:00 pm each day including Breakfast and Lunchtime

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