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Our Recruitment Services

Talent management should be an important part of your business strategy as a dynamic organization. At McTimothy Associates, our Recruitment Services Division offers recruitment, executive selection, headhunting, and bulk recruitment services, for which the firm is particularly noted. Our recruitment services are tailored to ensure that the most suitable candidates are attracted, tested and selected for our clients by the use of internationally acclaimed selection tools and world-class competency model in addition to our own stringent recruitment methodologies. Through our partners network, we are able to source and recruit specialists and senior managers globally.

For clients who want to recruit a large number of staff (bulk recruitment), McTimothy Associates Consulting is well positioned, through its proven bulk recruitment methodology, the only firm capable of recruiting several thousand personnel through testing many thousands of candidates.

Our executive recruitment & selection services aim to:

  • Attract top talent by professional representation of the clients to executives/professionals who are looking for a change.
  • Provide professional counsel and assistance in recruitment- and selection process that ensure timely and sound hiring decisions.

Our Recruitment Services:


McTimothy Associates specialize in providing robust and scalable solutions for bulk recruitment across a variety of roles and sectors. Our proficiency and technology-based approach enables our recruitment specialists/analysts to deliver need based pool of candidates with high proficiency in areas assessed while our offering is designed to meet your time expectation, quality standard and project budget.


Hiring of Executives is thus amongst the most critical decisions a company has to make. The services of professionals with in-depth know-how and extensive hands-on experience in executive recruitment & selection can greatly assist in insuring timely and sound hiring decisions

At McTimothy Associates Consulting, OurExecutive Search and Selection service specializes in addressing your strategic hiring needs with focus on delivering results and building an enduring institution. Our time tested approach, tools and techniques are applied in identifying and assessing suitable candidates who best match your requirements and organizational culture. The main objective of this service is to select the most suitable candidate for our client.


We recruit professionals – for supervisory, managerial and mid-management cadres – with quality work experience in diverse functions in different industries/sectors. With our bespoke sourcing, and assessment techniques, we are able to recruit the best fit candidate for various functional roles for our clients in diverse industries.


We offer specialized recruitment services targeted at importing specific talents and skills from the expatriate and repatriate community; this is done by leveraging our relationships, affiliations, institutional network, and also our robust recruitment portal.


Our graduate recruitment offering is a segmented but well integrated end-to-end process that covers key initiatives such as identification, segmentation, engaging, sourcing and, assessment of the target talent pool. As part of this offering, we manage graduate recruitment campaigns for our local and international clients. Our assessments are designed to identify and select the highest caliber graduates for our client organizations.


Other HR Services We Offer:

  • Manpower planning
  • HR management audit
  • Headhunting
  • Compensation & benefits planning and implementation
  • Human Capital Training/Development
  • Labour relations
  • HR process outsourcing
  • Performance management system


  • AMS Human Resources Consultants Ltd, India
  • Dragon Recruiting, UK
  • Institute of Professional Recruitment Consultants, Nigeria
  • Association of Professional Recruitment Consultants, UK

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