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McTimothy Global Learning™

Building Inclusive Learning Culture 

Our Global Learning™ is a form of learning that happens abroad, outside of your country of residence where you have ample opportunities to network, compare notes/management thoughts, and best-in-class management/leadership practices. There are many expressions and manifestations of global learning from an andragogical point of view. A global learning experience could be a course that engages broad international perspectives and issues or regions, management practices in managing business ops, leading people, cultures, or both.

The McTimothy Global Learning™ involves a critical analysis of and engagement with complex, interdependent global systems and legacies (such as natural, economic, physical, social, cultural, technological, and political) and their implications for people’s lives and the earth’s sustainability. Through McTimothy Global Learning™, which is aimed at adult learners in our context case via Executive Education on a global scale, our executive learners should:

  • Become more informed, open-minded, and responsible global citizens who are attentive to innovation and diversity across the spectrum of differences.
  • Seek to understand how their decisions and actions affect both local and global communities in which they operate.
  • Learn global best practices, acceptable principles and thought leadership from subject matter experts (SMEs)
  • Address the world’s most pressing and enduring issues in a collaborative and equitable manner.
  • Learn global best practices, apply them locally, and scale up their leadership/business for the benefit of mankind.

At McTimothy Associates Global Learning™, there are many examples of global learning programs and experiences, and our faculties work separately and together to address common global learning challenges and to develop and share management best practices.

  • Consider and adjudged disciplinary, rich content in a global context.
  • Reflect on the intersection between your own worldview and identities, and personally meaningful international learning experiences to better mentor and support adult-student learning.
  • Gain ethical perspective and engage in international partnerships and learning opportunities for learners.
  • Prepare to engage others’ experiences and learning differences so that all may learn more.
  • Develop advanced competencies and learning abroad experience with attention to intercultural learning, ethics, and best practices related to industry, internships, language learning, or discipline-specific concerns, as relevant.
  • Plan pre-departure in-country and post-travel teaching and learning that includes opportunities for reflection, debriefing, and mentoring.
  • Earn recognized program and certificate for your achievement participating in Global Learning

  • Access international best practices & insights in management
  • Gain solid understanding on the trends influencing future of work and management
  • Learn new transformation strategies for creating a future-focused workplace/organization
  • Gain access to Global faculty members of McTimothy Associates
  • Engage with tech-driven and human-centred models to remaine the future of work and leadership
  • Connect & expand your professional network internationally

Regardless of the setting in which McTimothy’s learners experience global learning, our delegates are expected to “be open-minded, demonstrate knowledge and awareness of different cultural and management practices, values, beliefs, and worldviews and an understanding of their own cultural perspective; communicate effectively and respectfully with individuals and leaders from different backgrounds and across a multicultural society; demonstrate curiosity, collaboration, creativity, flexibility, adaptability, and tolerance for diversity, ambiguity; understanding themselves and others as cultural beings, understanding the implied values and assumptions that underlie cultural norms and traditions”.


We organize the global courses and design them to address three or four levels of managers – the entry-level managers, middle, senior and board-level executives, stopping at key moments to reflect—even though we call the process “backward design,” in practice, your thinking will move back and forth along your expected timeline to inform your plan. Please contact the Faculty at McTimothy Associates’ Global Learning™ Team to discuss interest and specific courses of interest suitable for your Group/Team

  • What do I want my executives to be able to do, know, or value by taking a globally focused course or participating in a global learning experience?
  • How will my executives be different and better after this learning experience?
  • What evidence will learners provide to show they have changed?
  • How can we assess global learning experience/impact on our managers?

You can reach out to the McTimothy Global Learning™ desk to discuss your specific interest, needs, registration or customization for your group/team via the following contact details:; +2347034854045 | +2348150425712.


Just drop in your details and our support team will reach out to you as soon as possible.


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