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Employees Training – Need and Importance of Training

Training of employees takes place after orientation takes place. Training is the process of enhancing the skills, capabilities, and knowledge of employees for doing a particular job. The training process molds the thinking of employees and leads to the quality performance of employees. It is

4 Reasons You Should Take International Training Program This Year

4 Reasons You Should Take International Training Program This Year 2020 has been named as the Year of Pandemic, and with technologies and innovation scaling the rate of disruption across industries. Isn’t it time to implement new strategies in your business and gain new brighter experiences? If you feel your business and professional career

9 Strategies to Keep Moving Forward When Feeling Stuck

We have all felt stuck at some point in our lives. Perhaps you feel stuck right now. When that happens, it can feel impossible to keep moving forward toward your goals and dreams. Maybe you’re feeling a little stuck working on a creative project, like writing an

How to Ask for Employer MBA Sponsorship

Convincing your boss to finance your MBA requires serious preparation and well-reasoned arguments. MBA is an expensive endeavour, and if you have set your heart on doing one, you will need to figure out how to finance it. One option available to you is to

Setting Your Brand Up For Global Success

Coming up with the perfect name for a brand takes a lot of work. Whether you’re launching a new product or rebranding an existing one, marketers often spend months analyzing data, conducting interviews, and carrying out research to find the best name to set themselves

Why eLearning Is Essential

More and more organizations are becoming actively involved in eLearning, as they are starting to realize how impactful and rewarding it can really be. It can help organizations become better and stand out from the competition, simply because it provides employees with outstanding opportunities to

How To Manage A Toxic Employee

There’s that one person on your team — the bad apple who has nothing positive to say, riles up other team members, and makes work life miserable. If you can’t fire him, how do you respond to his behavior? What feedback do you give? How


  CONTENTS  Introduction:  THE GLOBAL PANDEMIC   Respondents & Responses:  WHO WE REACHED?   Covid-19: Its Impact on Businesses:  WHAT HAS HAPPENED?   Proactive & Preventive Measures:   COVID-19: HOW NIGERIAN COMPANIES ARE RESPONDING TO WORKPLACE ABSENCES   Conclusion   INTRODUCTION:  THE GLOBAL PANDEMIC   Corona virus has affected hundreds of thousands of people, and