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Advanced Management & Workplace Control Masterclass

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Advanced Management & Workplace Control Masterclass

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An organization’s success and leadership depend upon effectively preparing and developing high impact managers. High Impact Managers understand the Pareto Principle (80/20) in that 20% of their efforts will generate 80% of the results AND 80% of their time needs to be focused on developing leaders at all levels on their team. To be successful, organizations need to help managers transition their daily activities from being frenzied, stressful, complex, unrelenting exhausting, unfruitful, and demoralizing to developing their capacity to become optimistic, confident, relaxed, and focused on meeting strategic and operational objectives. Delegates will, in their role as a manager or leader, be able to understand the need to prepare and develop high impact managers who can Put Principles into Practice.

Part of the reason why fraud can go undetected and unreported for lengths of time is the fact that it can occur in so many different forms. Usually, though, fraud will fall into three categories: asset misappropriation (stealing or misusing company resources and/or cash), financial statement fraud (misrepresenting information on company financial reports), and corruption (using one’s own or the company’s influence for personal benefit).