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Have you caught the digital train? Or are you still on the platform?

The tide is fast changing, as is the way businesses are being handled.
Businesses are now implementing digital marketing as part of their growth plan
In the past to start and manage a business required large capital, depending on the of business, this was often enough to kill the dream of ever running a big company.
But now since the introduction of internet, new business are growing and competing with big players in the industry, all thanks to digital marketing.
Why digital marketing, you can grow your business as fast and achieve your dream of being business owner.


1. Your customers are online

This is very true for all businesses. With how fast technology is improving the number of internet user is increasing every day and are in billions, so you are only shooting yourself in the leg if you remove digital marketing from your business strategy
Gary vaynerchuks revived his family wine business from a staggering $3 million to $45 million what do you think was his marketing strategy?
Radio? Television? Newspaper? No. It was digital marketing. He built an online presence for his wine business and gathered more customers

2. Digital marketing is Very Cheap Compare to Traditional Marketing

The cost of digital marketing is cheaper compare to that of traditional marketing.
When talking of traditional marketing, I’m talking about advertising on Radio, Television, and Newspaper and other forms of traditional marketing.
Come to think of it the number of television users are constantly decreasing and the number of internet users are increasing exponentially .

3. To Remain Competitive

A lot of businesses have create online presence for their blogs through different means. What this mens is that our competitors are creating a brand and winning the hearts of your customers online. Who do you think those people will love to buy from? This is why I strongly advise you go digital

4. Personal Branding is Great

Everybody loves fame and will like to be in spot light of attraction.
And this is exactly what the internet does to you, The internet will continue to produce more “influencer” talking about Dangote, Tayo Oluwole, Bill Gates
What do you think brought them to limelight?
It is all internet and digital marketing

I can continue listing reasons why you should go digital but that will only result to nothing if you are not willing to make the change

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