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Establishing a good communication system in your office helps to eradicate communication barriers capable of hindering your employees’ productivity. By eliminating communication barriers in the workplace, you can improve your company’s success. Your employees will be more comfortable engaging with one another, sharing ideas, inspiring each other, and ultimately sum up to a productive work environment.

Here are 5 ways employers can improve the communication at their office:


Having an open door policy encourages employees to ask questions and search for assistance from management at the company. An open door policy provides employees the opportunity to “bring difficult issues, situations, and ideas” to the attention of the managers without the fear of being bullied. Opening your door to employees allows them to talk about their satisfaction with their job, the company and their colleagues. Overall, this policy opens the flow of communication in the company.


Programs that allow employees to instantly message each other within the company have gained popularity. With the use of software’s such as Skype or Slack, everyone has the ability to see what your team is doing in the public channels and departments can have private channels to discuss sensitive material. Instant messaging allows employees to reach one another promptly and effectively.


Recognizing your employees for their achievements helps employees “take pride in their work” and “improve relationships” with their co-workers. Recognizing your employees in internal newsletters requires little effort and can contribute to the employee and the company’s development. Furthermore, newsletters engage the employees with the company and allow the company to update to the employees while they might be away from the office.




Office design increases employee productivity. Consider the spatial arrangement of the work spaces designated for the employees. Situating departments near one another can help with the communication flow and allow employees share information faster and casually.


We spend almost half our daily lives at work—it should be a comfortable space that allows us to live and have fun while working. Without any doubt, workers who have a good time at work have a higher probability of accomplishing more. A game area with games that can be played quickly such as chess, can encourage employees to connect with each other and take breaks every once in a while. Game areas can cultivate friendships, make individuals happy, and engage them. Another way to encourage employees to communicate with each other is to create working areas where several individuals can huddle and collaborate. Whether it is a small room with funky couches for meetings or a round table in the lounge, providing a space outside of their desks that is fun can help with departmental communication and boosting employee morale.

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