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Mastering Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

Why Attend

The fear of public speaking is one of the most common concerns among people from all over the world. Although it might be frightening to present something in front of an audience, this skill is vital for professionals of all backgrounds. Every specialist, at some point, faces a situation where he needs to deliver a presentation or give a speech. The art of public speaking can be mastered just like any other skill so that you feel comfortable and confident in any situation; therefore, public speaking training courses and are intended literally for everyone.

This training course helps you to be prepared for all types of presentations and deal with the fear of speaking in front of an audience by using special tools and methods, and be able to talk like TED. Explore the advanced practices on how you can make and deliver an effective report exciting your audience. In this course, you will participate in various role-playing activities that will help you to improve your oratory skills and control your words and voice in a way that makes the most significant impact. As a result, you will know how to prepare for a presentation or any other form of public speaking and you’ll be ready for any scenario.

This public speaking training is perfect for all professionals and senior executives who want to deliver their thoughts and messages concisely and effectively.

$ 83.39

Event Date: 14/06/2023 – 15/06/2023


  • Public Speaking & Overcoming the fear of public speaking
    • Fears associated with public speaking
    • Overcoming fear with humor, vulnerability, preparation, and other exercises
    • How to speak impromptu
    • Using the power of professional speaking to develop more confidence
  • Preparing for a presentation
    • Researching the topic, audience, and location
    • Adapting your presentation to different audiences in terms of size, qualifications, length, and format
    • Understanding visual and audio equipment
    • Dressing for the occasion
    • Practicing the presentation
    • Dealing with nerves
    • Preparing presentation slides and material effectively
  • Delivering the presentation
    • The three principles of presenting
    • How to start a presentation – opening hooks
    • What’s in it for the audience?
    • Creating useful, relevant and engaging content
    • Using transitions effectively
    • Using rhetorical devices effectively in a presentation
    • Engaging the audience during a presentation:
    • Controlling the audience
    • Psychological influence in your presentation
    • Creating your own style of presenting
  • Body language in public speaking
    • Vocal techniques in public speaking
    • Using hand gestures effectively
    • Facial expressiveness in public speaking
    • Moving purposefully
    • Using proximity to your advantage in public speaking
  • Working with voice and intonation
    • What can I learn about a person by his/her voice?
    • Voice characteristics: Voice strength, timbre, pitch, tempo, diction
    • The voice setting – working with the strength and timbre of the voice
    • Exercises to test the height and speed of voice and to practice diction
  • Framing and structuring a presentation
    • How to ensure logical progression in a presentation
    • How to ensure effective recall in a presentation
    • How to keep the presentation jargon-free and straightforward for non-technical people
    • Using a combination of adult learning styles in a presentation
    • Connecting all the points to ensure a holistic experience
  • Closing the presentation
    • Closing with high impact
    • Summarizing content in closing
    • Connecting the close with the opening hook
    • Tips for completing a sale at the end of a presentation (for salespeople)
    • Handling audience questions
  • Dealing with challenges in public speaking
    • Dealing with various challenging audiences
    • Dealing with last-minute technology challenges
    • When you forget what you should say next
    • When you run out of things to say
    • Handling tight deadlines and lack of preparation
    • Handling distractions in the speaking environment
    • How to maintain high energy when giving the same speech over and over to different audiences
    • Handling something that is out of your control

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