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e-Learning Workshop: A New Training & Development Approach

Why Attend

In today’s fast pace world largely driven by technology, eLearning has become a must in our market today and its adoption rate is rising exponentially. To design, deliver, or assess eLearning programs, tools, methods, and technologies, joining this course is a must for learning and development professionals who thrive to continue their learning mission using all the available resources while leveraging technology utilization and catering to the needs of their learners.

$ 150.83

Event Date: 15/07/2022 – 16/07/2022


Course Outlines

  • Fundamentals of eLearning
    • eLearning Defined
    • Synchronous eLearning
    • Asynchronous eLearning
    • Blended eLearning
    • 2020 Studies on benefits and limitations of eLearning
    • GCC-focused analysis of eLearning adoption
    • Readiness for eLearning
      • The technology
      • The security
      • The learner
    • A comparison of top asynchronous learning providers around the world
  • Tools and Technologies
    • Learning management systems (LMS)
      • Definition
      • Administration interface
      • User interface
      • Designer interface
      • Comparison of top 5 LMSs around the world
    • 2020 Platforms for synchronous eLearning
    • Engagement challenges of synchronous eLearning
    • Engagement challenges of asynchronous eLearning
    • How to prepare the user for an effective eLearning experience
  • Designing Successful eLearning Programs
    • Evaluating eLearning programs through the ADDIE process
      • Objectives
      • Media
      • Assessments
    • Assessing asynchronous eLearning user experience
    • Creating eLearning communities
    • Gamification of asynchronous eLearning
    • A 60-minute practical model for delivering synchronous eLearning
    • 10 amazing tools for boosting engagement
    • An overview of Jack Phillips’s model of evaluation learning and return on investment


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