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Service Quality Competency And Customer Satisfaction – CPD Endorsed

Service Quality Competency And Customer Satisfaction - CPD Endorsed

Duration: 5 Days

Scheduled Date: 22 – 24 March | 2 – 4 August | 2 – 4 October 2023 Dubai, UAE

Course overview

High-quality service is perhaps the main reason causing business success. To have customer service quality standards means to satisfy clients’ needs and requirements and keep them coming back. This results in continued success in the form of efficiency of marketing, an increase in sales, established market share, motivated employees, and substantial revenue growth. Service quality management system and standards is a must for any company.

The main objective for any organization is as follows to know the level of service its clients want and to be able to satisfy these wants. Proficiency in service quality makes customers of a company or non-commercial entity truly happy and loyal. This course examines the core elements of client satisfaction, how to identify and prioritize customer needs, and how to achieve customer satisfaction. It explores the importance of setting and meeting consumer expectations to safeguard an entity’s image, performance, sales, and high-quality service. This course prepares certified customer service specialists, who know how quality service should be delivered and how to make customers satisfied. They have become one of the most sought-after professionals in modern organizations.

The course covers specific topics that expand participants’ knowledge and competency on mechanisms of customer satisfaction and service quality; you will get the following core qualifications for customer service:

  • Utilize the concept of meeting and exceeding clients’ expectations
  • Develop insights on consumer satisfaction via customer scorecards
  • Understand the key facts of delivering client satisfaction
  • Build an outstanding client-centric culture to achieve great results
  • Apply professional methods to monitor clients’ satisfaction

Who Should Attend?

  • Team Supervisors
  • Department Managers
  • Customer Service Professionals and Managers
  • Quality Management Personnel
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Management that wants to build a quality customer-centric culture
  • All specialists responsible for building and sustaining service quality in their organizations

What You will Gain

  • The course delivers highly valuable knowledge and skills on various aspects of client satisfaction, and upon its completion you will be able to:
    • Recognize the relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction
    • Develop an understanding of internal and external customer expectations
    • Get great career prospects via the evolution of your professional competencies
    • Understand the importance of Customer Satisfaction for your organization
    • Build strong client relationships that increase your organization’s standing
    • Implement an efficient Client Satisfaction management structure and system
    • Learn buyer satisfaction measurement tools and techniques
    • Understand the modern ways and means to improve customer satisfaction
    • Set high customer service standards that increase profits and ROI
    • Build an excellent Client-centric culture to achieve great personal growth
    • Improve customer satisfaction and service quality with a detailed plan
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Features & Benefits

  • Extensive Workbook with Course Materials
  • Handouts and other Supporting Materials
  • Practical Examples and Various Case Studies
  • Quick Reference/Top Tips Guide
  • Professional & Experienced Instructor
  • Accelerated and Intensive Learning Techniques
  • Relationship Building within Course
  • Post Course Action Plan
  • Index of Additional Suggested Materials
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Coffee Breaks
  • Lunch
  • Free Wifi Access