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Work Life Balance: Maximizing Productivity & Quality of Life

Why Attend

Many professionals consider that work-life balance is impossible to achieve. This course will not prove them wrong. However, it will demonstrate how achieving such a balance is a journey filled with a combination of discipline, determination and commitment. By providing the participants with tips on productivity enhancement, stress management and emotional intelligence, the course helps participants boost their productivity while working within a stressful environment. The course will also demonstrate how sleep, food and exercise are pivotal in helping professionals become more successful in their careers and more effective in their personal lives.

$ 128.49

Event Date: 12/09/2022 – 13/09/2022


  • Productivity in the workplace
    • Personal peaks: lessons from the Japanese
    • Planning: from yearly to daily planners
    • Why starting with a yearly plan is critical for being proactive
    • The importance of discipline, routine and to-do-lists
    • Minimizing surprises as a means of exercising more control over our daily lives
    • Creating a contagiously productive environment
  • Adrenalin intelligence
    • Introduction to adrenalin and Emotional Intelligence (EI)
    • The theory behind EI and the medical facts
    • The reasons why the teachings in many books on EI are difficult to apply
    • Adrenalin: how it can be a blessing and a curse
    • The adrenalin buzz and adrenalin addiction
    • The short and long term effects of adrenalin imbalance
    • The stress continuum and how stress can be good for our health
    • Harnessing the power of adrenalin
  • The business diet
    • Food for high emotional intelligence
    • Oxidization and ways to combat its dangers
    • Food habits that will sap your energy
    • Food items that you should avoid no matter what
    • What to eat on a working day
    • Detox: myths and tips
  • Sleep and its Impact on productivity
    • Myths about sleep
    • The three main clocks which control our daily functions
    • The Suprachiasmatic Nucleus (SCN)
    • The master clock
    • The circadian rhythm and its effect on our productivity
    • Eliminating the effects of jet lags and fatigue
    • Tips and techniques for improving quality of sleep
  • Memory enhancement
    • The reasons behind dementia
    • The levels of dementia and the symptoms of each
    • Diets that will enhance and boost memory
    • Tips and techniques for staying sharp and focused regardless of age
  • The exercise and productivity relationship
    • Myths about exercise
    • The advancement of technology and the use of fitness trackers and smart bands
    • What doctors don’t tell you
    • Bad habits that are good for you
    • Your heart in numbers
    • The key performance indicators of a healthy heart
    • Exercise: facts and figures
    • How you can exercise without exercising

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