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Understanding Labour Laws & Employee Relations (for HR Managers & Legal Advisers)

Why Attend

Labor law is essential to the human resources management function, yet it can be complicated and highly specialized. Understanding Labor Laws’ course is designed to simplify, clarify, interpret, and help organizations abide by the labor laws in Nigeria. It is, basically, labor law made simple.

$ 128.49

Event Date: 21/03/2023 – 23/03/2023


Course Outline

  • Labor Law Essentials
    • The global legal environment
    • History of labor law in in Nigeria
    • Pre-labor law application in Nigeria
    • Identification of exempted categories
    • Legal framework of employment in Nigeria
  • Legal instruments
    • Introduction and overview of labor law
    • Enforcement of labor law
    • Labor contracts pre-requisites
    • Labor law contracts
    • Essential contents of contracts
    • Employer and employee duties and responsibilities
    • The secrets of contracts revealed
    • Changes in legal status
  • The notice period, probation period and leaves
    • Notice period definition
    • Guidelines for a notice letter
    • Different applications of the notice period
    • When a notice is not needed
    • Probation period and its practices
    • Types of leaves
    • Working hours
    • Overtime: explanation and calculations for eligibility
  • Wages and disciplinary actions
    • Total, basic and minimum wages
    • Wages payment methodology
    • Money deductions from employee wages
    • Disciplinary actions and guidelines
    • Penalties mentioned in the labor law
    • When and why to discipline
  • Dismissal and termination
    • Arbitrary dismissal
    • Unfair dismissal
    • Termination from a legal point of view
    • Arbitrary termination
    • End of service allowances and calculations
    • The bright and the dark side of dismissals and terminations
    • Legal constraints for a healthy turnover
    • Legal insights for human resources professionals

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