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An organization without a strategy is like a ship without a rudder. How can organizations continue to provide exceptional value to stakeholders and customers if they are not clear on where they are heading and how they will get there? The answer is they can’t. This is where the role of strategy becomes essential. Strategy is about setting ambitious goals, understanding the surrounding current and future environment and providing a sense of direction for the organization.

In this course, McTimothy Associates learning academy will cover the 7 steps of the strategy management process, starting with the ‘thinking’ components of strategy, moving into the ‘planning’ components and ending with ‘execution’. At the end of the course, participants will be able to implement or improve the strategic process at their organizations to reach their vision and achieve their mission.

$ 201.11

Event Date: 01/06/2022 – 03/06/2022


  • Strategic thinking and planning
    • The strategic management process
    • Strategic thinking versus strategic planning
    • Benefiting from strategic management
    • Evolution of strategic models
    • Moving from strategy to organizational planning
  • Analysis of the environment
    • The 5 Cs of strategic analysis
    • Porter’s 5 forces
    • Creating and capturing value
    • Conducting a ‘SWOT’ analysis
    • Plotting a ‘SWOT’ analysis
    • Fundamentals of ‘PEDESTL’ framework
  • Vision, mission statements and values
    • Using vision and mission statements
    • Definition of vision
    • Definition of mission
    • Formulating vision and mission statements
    • Embracing organizational values
    • Communicating the vision, mission and values
  • Assessing strategic choices
    • The 3 primary goals of competitive strategy
    • The strategy pyramid
    • Porter’s generic competitive strategies
    • Cost leadership strategy
    • Innovating in the industry value chain
    • Developing a competitive advantage
  • Strategic objectives, KPIs and targets
    • Ensuring strategic alignment in the organization
    • Developing effective strategic objectives
    • Using the Balanced Scorecard (BSC)
    • Creating Critical Success Factors (CSFs)
    • Using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    • Characteristics of the right KPIs
    • Developing different types of KPIs
    • Setting ‘SMART’ targets
  • Developing operating plans
    • Cascading from vision to action plans
    • Criteria for effective action plans
    • Developing strategic initiatives
    • Operational KPIs and the triple constraints
    • Developing departmental plans
    • Managing the execution of strategy
    • KPI dashboard reporting

Barriers to strategy execution

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