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Why Attend

Strategic selling involves increasing your competitive advantage by strengthening your ability to communicate your uniqueness, value, and competitive differential to a customer or prospect.
How successful have you been in explaining your competitive uniqueness and differentiation to your potential buyers?

Strategic selling includes starting each call with a strong strategic uniqueness or philosophy statement about you and your company that takes less than two minutes to present. It also involves you developing a more strategic or “big picture” focus on your selling messaging, selling language, and overall philosophy or approach to a customer’s business.

For Whom?
* Experienced Sales Professionals
* Team Lead & Sales/Marketing Manager
* Young but not new sales/marketing executives


$ 150.83

Event Date: 07/10/2022 – 08/10/2022


Module one:

* Understanding Strategic Selling Process & Purpose
* Strategic Marketing & Competitors Analysis
* Defining your Competitive Advantage
* Profile of Strategic Selling Professional
* Communicating Value to Customers
* Developing Your Strategic Selling Muscle
* Route to Market Planning

Module Two:

* Designing your Sales Strategy vs. Tactics
* Six Elements of Strategic Selling
* Key Account Planning & Strategy
* Distribution Channels Development
* Strategic Brand Planning and Management
* Strategic Channel Development & Management
* Personal Effectiveness & Time Management
* Territorial Development and Management

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