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Strategic Operations Management for Executive Secretaries and PAs

Why Attend

Operations Management (OM) is concerned with the management of resources and activities that produce and deliver goods and services for customers. As competition becomes fiercer in an increasingly open and global marketplace, a company’s survival and growth become greatly contingent on its ability to run its operations efficiently and to exploit its resources productively.

 This course will help participants understand the scope and importance of Operations Management and the role of operations managers.  participants will study the interaction of operations on the organization, employees, and customers. You will examine the links between process and operations design, business strategy, and globalization. You will learn about the different elements of operations and how to analyze an operational environment. You will also explore the challenges facing the operations manager in adopting innovative practices such as lean, new technologies, and the growing social agendas such as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Participants Expected:

Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants to CEO,/Directors, Operations Managers. Other categories of personnel who may find the course very beneficial sre: Facility Personnel, Fleet Personnel, Engineers, Project Team, Purchasing and Supply Team, Procurement Team, Administrators, Logistics Team, and Production Team among others.

$ 184.35

Event Date: 15/06/2022 – 17/06/2022


Key Content:

Day One

  • Introduction to Operations Management 
  • Foundation and Principles of Operations Planning 
  • Operations as a Competitive Weapon Operations Strategy                  
  • Foundation and Principles of Managing Operations   
  • Foundation and Principles of Just-in-time and lean  
  • Business Process Reengineering
  •  Capacity Planning Resource                                                                                                               

Day Two

  • Managing Processes and Resources
  • Introduction to process management
  • Process Analysis
  • Manufacturing Process Analysis       
  • Job Design and Measurement                                                                           
  • Quality Management and Control of Variation (6 sigma)
  • Project Management
  • Type of WASTES and WASTE minimization techniques
  • Basic Statistical Process Control  
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).   
  • Managing Technology

Day Three

  • Foundation and Principles of Distribution and Logistics                                               
  • Supply-Chain Management
  • Supply Chain Distortion
  • Inventory Management  
  • Coordinating Supply Chain: Risk Sharing Contracts
  • Waiting Lines Location and Logistics Layout
  • Problem Solving (Process Improvement) Tools and Techniques
  • Decision-Making Process
  • Scheduling

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