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Strategic Marketing Management Practice

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A marketing plan clarifies the key marketing elements of a business and maps out directions, objectives, and activities for the business and its employees. This course tackles several aspects of a company’s marketing and promotion plan such as the marketing mix (the 4Ps), the evaluation of marketing opportunities, researching, analyzing, and identifying target markets, and developing a strategic position for the company to implement the strategy. The course covers everything from preparation and implementation of the marketing plan to measuring and evaluating the results of the organizational marketing efforts.

$ 150.83

Event Date: 13/07/2022 – 15/07/2022


Key Coverage Areas
* Marketing for Non-Professional Marketers: Understanding Marketing Concept
* Marketing Planning
* The Marketing Environment & Competitors Analysis
* Strategic Marketing Model
* Consumer Buying Behavior
* Strategic Development
* Strategic Brand Management & Positioning
* Product/Service Decision & Management
* Pricing Decision & Strategies
* Channel and Distribution Tactics/Designing and Managing Channels
* Planning & Implementing Effective Promotion
* Implementing Marketing Programmes & Strategies.
* Strategic Brand Management Planning & Implementation
* Strategic/Key Account Management Strategies
* Applying Customer Lifetime Value to Strategy Formulation
* Brand Evolution: Building, Monitoring, and Using Brand Equity
* Customer and Competitor Analysis
* Product Life Cycle and Marketing Evolution
* Strategic Marketing: Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning

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