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Senior Management Skills and Competence Development

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Senior Management Skills and Competence Development

05/08/2020 10:00 AM
07/08/2020 4:00 PM
The Professional Place 12B, Olumoroti Street, Gbagada Phase2, Gbagada, Lagos   View map



This Training on Senior Management Leadership Program is a dynamic, high profile leadership and management program targeted at top level senior managers and executives of various organizations; designed to accelerate the executive leadership process by transforming the way its participants think, manage globally, view competition and solve problems.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, the participants will be able to:

·         Acquire the capacity to understand the big picture

·         Visualize what is on the horizon

·         Formulate proactive and competitive responses.

·         Possess knowledge and skills required to manage today’s challenges and tough times.

Who Should Attend?

Senior managers who are responsible for making policy-related decisions, managing resources in their organization’s strategic operations and results areas.

Course Content

Module 1: Art of negotiation

·         Introduction to negotiation

·         Negotiation strategy

·         How to negotiate

·         Personality types how to manage them in negotiation

·         Handling opposition

·         Closing the negotiation

Module 2: Change Management

·         Influencing and driving change

·         Theory of change

·         Outcome framework

·         Identifying assumptions

·         Identifying indicators

·         Design intervention

·         Communication and Stakeholder Management

Module 3: Leadership and Corporate Accountability

·         Concept of leadership

·         Leadership models and styles

·         Leadership scenarios

·         Team leadership and human behaviour

·         Corporate governance concepts and theories

·         Models of corporate governance

·         Corporate governance issues in practice

Module 4: Performance Management for Effective Management

·         What is performance management?

·         Creating and maintaining high-performance teams

·         Principles of performance management

·         Setting performance measures

·         Reviewing and assessing performance

Module 5: Business Ethics

·         The basics

·         Ethical decision making

·         The respectful workplace

·         Protecting the company- Resources, information and privacy

·         Conflicts of interest

·         Financial management and disclosure

·         Laws and regulations

Module 6: Society Driven Innovation

·         Innovation design and society

·         Adoption and diffusion of innovation

·         Social control of technology

·         Corporate policy

Module 7: Inclusive Business Models

·         What does inclusive business model mean?

·         Principles for inclusive and competitive business models

·         Facilitating inclusive business models

·         Business model analysis

·         Developing financially inclusive models

Module 8: Boardroom Dynamics

·         Key challenges in relation to boardroom dynamics

·         Gender issues in the boardroom

·         Roles and challenges of the board chair

·         Signs of malfunctioning board dynamics

·         Board cognitive limitations that hinder quality decision making

Module 9: Aligning Sustainability Corporate Performance

·         Corporate social responsibility and sustainability

·         Identifying and measuring the key performance drivers

·         Integrating sustainability into business practices

·         Improving sustainability performance

·         Using indicators to measure sustainability performance at corporate level


Module 10: Corporate Impact Investing

·         Introduction to impact investing

·         Diligence process and decision in impact investment

·         Profiling ventures for impact investing

·         Managing impact investment portfolios

·         Evaluation of impact portfolios

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