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Public Policy, Governance & Administration

Why Attend

This Public Policy, Governance, and Administration program by McTimothy Associates Training is designed for public service employees who are interested in the creation and implementation of public policy. Participants will learn what governments do, why they (should) do it, and how they (should) do what they do. There are no formal prerequisites for this course which aims to give participants the knowledge, analytical skills, and tools necessary to think critically about matters associated with the making and implementation of public policy. This course will benefit those who have chosen a career in the public service, and those who simply wish to increase their awareness of public policy-making and implementation.

$ 357.53

Event Date: 17/07/2023 – 21/07/2023


Module 1 – Introduction to Public Policy and Administrative Governance

    • What is public policy?
    • Concepts of public policy & administrative governance
    • The purpose of public policy and its use by governments
    • Public policy theories, ideologies and context today
    • Public policy positioning

Module 2 – Public Bureaucracy in Theory and Practice

    • Problem identification and definition
    • Policy formulation
    • Information research
    • Information analysis
    • Policy design
    • Policy recommendations

Module 3 – Government, Bureaucracy & Accountability

    • Government governance
    • Do policies determine politics?
    • Classification of public policy types
    • Dimensions distinguishing policy-politics relations
    • Policy institutions

Module 4 – Administrative Governance & the Challenge of Policy Implementation Today

    • Social diversity’s impact on public policy features and governance
    • Keeping pace with change
    • Aligning governance frameworks with public management structures
    • Public policy, governance and administration interplay
    • Performance delivery agreements
    • Accountability and compliance requirements

Module 5 – Code of Practice for the Governance of Public Bodies

    • Oversight arrangements with parent departments
    • Alignment of statements of strategy
    • Business and reporting obligations
    • Audit and risk committees
    • Role and composition of boards and the role of the Chairperson
    • Board and Committee effectiveness

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