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Personal Effectiveness and Business Mastery

Why Attend

Visions and goals are achieved when tasks are understood, priorities are established and deadlines are properly set. This course is designed to help participants develop the right capabilities to manage tasks, evaluate and establish the right priorities, and schedule activities based on clearly established deadlines. The course covers different methods and techniques to encourage task ownership while coordinating with other team members; it also covers how to influence those around us by properly setting expectations and seeing tasks through to successful completion.

$ 128.49

Event Date: 06/10/2022 – 07/10/2022


Planning Orientation

The discipline of planning and preparation to avoid unplanned catastrophes:

Short term planning: daily/weekly/monthly

Long term planning: self development outlook.

Recognize and take full advantage of limited resources

Focus awareness on company procedures

Time discipline.

Business Knowledge

Strong knowledge of the organization’s business

Appreciation of their decisions and actions which touch the business’ bottom line

Application of competence to see jobs delivered cost effectively.

Performance Orientation

Focus on delivering results – work efficiently and creatively to meet agreed goals and objectives

Define personal responsibilities

Be clear about standards

Review self performance against set goals.

Opportunities Focused

Understand what opportunities exist or can be created, and convert them into results

Take advantage of opportunities for success in the present or future

Create new ways of doing things that are beneficial, advantageous or profitable.

Problem Solving

Identify forms of waste to reduce losses

Make adjustments to accommodate changing situations

Respond resourcefully to new demands or circumstances.


Experiment and be adventurous

Develop new thinking and skills and challenge yourself.


Anticipate business needs to proactively create solutions

Take on difficult tasks in order to achieve business results.

Delegation and Empowerment

Willingly delegate

Provide subordinates with opportunities to prove their capabilities

Assign the appropriate degree of authority

Provide assistance and support.

Champion Relevant Changes

Strive for learning and growth

Structure process for quality and efficiency.

Developing Self

Strive for learning and growth both professionally and personally.

Mentoring & Sponsorship

What is Sponsorship

How Sponsorship Works.

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