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Managing Staff Discipline & Disciplinary Procedures At Workplace

Why Attend

Establishing a disciplined work environment, dealing with indiscipline effectively, and setting up necessary policies and procedures to ensure that companies follow best practices and comply with legal requirements in disciplinary matters is as important as setting up quality control measures in an FMCG company or an SOP in any organization. This is because research has shown that there is a nexus linking a disciplined workforce, sustainable productivity, and increased profitability.
While the internal disciplinary procedures of the individual company may vary depending on a number of factors including size and the company structure, the legal requirements for disciplinary matters are the same. The various disciplinary measures often invoked at the workplace by the management such as queries, suspension, termination, and dismissal do have legal procedural requirements and implications. This poses challenges to today’s HR Managers in particular and employers of labor in general. Many Organization today lacks professionally designed policies on discipline and disciplinary procedures or adoption of wrong procedures in disciplinary matters, at the very best, creates employee relations problems and at the very worst exposes the company to avoidable lawsuits and liabilities including the attendant reputational and financial risks. You can avoid all these if you attend this workshop!

Delegates will be exposed to the best practices in establishing a culture of discipline in the workplace including the various legal requirements in disciplinary matters. Our approach shall be interactive and case studies based.



$ 150.83

Event Date: 10/11/2022 – 11/11/2022


Key Coverage Areas

  • Understanding the WHY of Staff Discipline in the Workplace
  • Establishing a disciplined Work Environment: Proactive and Reactive approach
  • Best Practices and Legal requirements in Disciplinary Matters
  • Discipline and Disciplinary Procedures at the Workplace
  • Understanding Legal Issues in suspension
  • Legal issues in Termination and Dismissal
  • Summary Dismissal upon Allegation of Crime
  • Resignation in anticipation of Disciplinary Actions
  • Legal issues in Rejection of Resignation
  • Operating disciplinary procedures and grievance procedure
  • Understanding the Impact on policies and procedures
  • Effectively conduct the grievance interview
  • Dealing with harassment and bullying
  • Improve standards of performance and conduct throughout the organization
  • Managing performance, counseling, providing employee assistance

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