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Leading a Team of Champions

Why Attend

You need to attend the “Leading a Team of Champions” training course because you deserve to lead a team of champions and because your team members deserve to be championed by you.  By not attending, you risk spending your career leading people who lack motivation and energy, and who will give you poor quality work and low productivity.

This course aims at endowing leaders with the right mindset and, most importantly, with the tools that will allow leaders to tap into every bit of their team members’ potential. Participants will be provided with a toolbox of skills they can use as soon as they are back at work. They will learn how to maximize the performance of their team members and transform each member into a strong link that will add to the power of the whole team. 

$ 150.83

Event Date: 22/09/2022 – 25/09/2022


More Dates

25/07/2024 – 27/07/2024

Price: $ 195.53

  • Raising the bar on Leadership
    • why lead an average team when you can lead a podium team?
    • The leadership legacy
    • The X factor of the leader of champions
    • The indicators of a team that wins business championships
    • Leadership dominating beliefs, mindsets, and values
    • The credibility and likeability matrix
    • The five levels of leadership – from being a champion to championing the people
  • Establishing a championship culture
    • Definition of team culture
    • The cultural attributes of a team of champions
    • Establishing a championship culture
    • Recruiting culture champions
    • Dealing with cultural misfits
  • Flexible leadership for developing champions
    •  Coaching definition – teaching versus letting learn
    • Reasons managers give for not coaching their employees
    • Designing individual championing plans – the 70/20/10 model applied to the workplace
    • Solve performance issues with four essential coaching skills
    • Comfort zone, learning zone, and panic zone
    • Steps for coaching meetings – the GROW model
  • The five traits of a championship team
    •  The truth behind the failures of corporate teams – the five dysfunctions of a team
    • Identifying behaviors that foster trust among team members
    • Engaging in healthy conflicts and understanding the conflicts continuum
    • Fostering team commitment
    •  Nurturing a culture of peer accountability
    • Developing a permanent laser focus on results
  • Difference between a team of champions and a championship team
    • Why a team of champions might not win championships
    • Teamwork abuse – redefining the truth of teamwork
    • The five dysfunctions of a team
    • Absence of trust
    • Fear of conflict
    •  Lack of commitment
    • Avoidance of accountability
    • Inattention to results
  •       Transforming solo champions into a championship team
    •  Building team trust – the test of vulnerability
    • The trust indicators of the team
    • Engaging in healthy conflicts – the why and how
    • Understanding the conflicts’ continuum
    • Developing the internal code of conflicts
    • Fostering a solid commitment from team members
    • The team decision-making process – building consensus leading to commitment
    • Nurturing a culture of peer accountability
    • Devolving a part of top management accountability to team members
    • Developing a permanent laser focus on results

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