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Inventory, Logistics and Distributions Management

Why Attend

Logistics has become a quintessential factor in modern day organizations. This course examines the core issues and skills required to promote production and distribution efficiency, reduce waste and consequently improving Return on Investment (ROI).  The programme will afford the personnel in Logistics to be on top of their assignments.

$ 184.35

Event Date: 14/11/2022 – 15/11/2022


More Dates

03/07/2024 – 05/07/2024

Price: $ 195.53


Inventory Management

  • Introduction to basic concepts in storekeeping
  • Types of Inventory (RM, WIP, FP, MRO)
  • Inventory Planning and Control
  • Effect of Stores/Warehousing Operations on Organizational Efficiency and Profitability
  • How to be in control of Inventory Turnover

o What is moving, what is not

o What is to be ordered, marked down, replaced

  • Stores Accounting and Stock-taking.



Distribution/Logistics Management

  • Customer Service management in the Warehouse,
  • Materials Handling techniques
  • Distribution planning and management
  • Good Housekeeping practices
  • Inbound Logistics
  • Transport operations and management
  • Distribution Requirement Planning
  • Reverse Logistics.

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