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High Impact Leadership Programme – for Senior Managers and Business Executives

Why Attend

In today’s tough and challenging business environment, every private and public institution must
groom and develop managers and leaders who must understand and implement effective
organizational and revolutionary strategies while maintaining drive, morale, motivation, integrity,
innovation, and vision in their people and institutions. In fact, great organizations are built through
the vision and actions of men and women who are inspired to effect positive change, and leave
legacies that outlast their stewardship in the organizations.
In this very interactive programme for top management staff, case studies and experience sharing
would be deployed to challenge participants to: learn strategies for setting and maintaining
organizational goals and direction; develop progressive thoughts on how to exercise leadership in
the workplace; drive change and reformation; boost learning and continuous improvement; and turn
resistance and mediocrity into co-operation and excellence in every aspect of organizational
It is expected that participants would leave the programme fully challenged to renew themselves for
excellent service delivery and make new commitments to ethical and transformational leadership in
their various roles in the organization.

Event Date: –

The key objectives of this training intervention include the following:
 To promote excellent service delivery in every aspect of the organization’s business.
 To equip participants with the skills and attributes they require to be effective in their roles.
 To engender extra-ordinary commitment and devotion to organizational vision and mission by all participants.
 Champion transformational and courageous leadership at all levels to drive the growth and development of the organization.
 Promote effective communication and presentation skills of leaders in the organisation.
 To foster employee engagement, and hence improve productivity amongst the participants.

Who Should Attend?
 Senior Management Staff
 Group Heads
 Executive Managers
 Strategic Business Leaders

Topics To Be Covered:
Vision, Mission, and Organizational Strategy
Lessons in Contemporary Management
Managing Yourself
Building High Performing Teams
Goal Setting and Performance Management
Driving Excellent Service Culture
Emotional Intelligence and Winning Attitude For Leaders
Effective Communication and Presentation Skills
Driving Creativity and Innovation
Corporate Governance, Ethics, and Risk Management
Leadership is Everyone’s Business
Beyond The Job: Achieving Work-Life Balance  Parting Shots.

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