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Why Attend

This course is designed to help line managers manage their staff better by equipping them with the critical skills of HR. HR for Line Managers focuses on the key issues for line managers, such as handling employee interviews, on-boarding, appraisals, training and grievances…and much more

$ 126.90

Event Date: 13/03/2024 – 15/03/2024


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18/07/2024 – 20/07/2024

Price: $ 126.90

21/11/2024 – 23/11/2024

Price: $ 126.90

Course Outline

  • Getting the right people
    • What HR is really about
    • Ally with HR department
    • The HR functions of managers
    • Workforce planning
    • Attracting the right talent through referrals
    • Interviewing skills for line managers
    • Building a job profile
    • Preparing technical assessments
  • Welcoming a new family member
    • Onboarding – job orientation
    • Benefits of induction and orientation program to employees and organization
    • First day on the job
    • Induction content
    • Role and responsibility of the new employee’s manager during the first few days
    • Values, culture and code of conducts
    • Evaluating effectiveness of On-boarding
  • Performance management
    • Definition of performance management
    • Overview of the annual performance cycle
    • Mistakes in performance management
    • Employee assessment best practices
    • 360 degree versus 180 degree
    • Coaching, counseling and mentoring
  • Training and development
    • Identifying training needs
    • Career development
    • Succession planning
    • Building a personal development plan
    • Learning styles
    • On the job training
    • Evaluating training effectiveness
  • Handling employee complaints
    • Employee moral
    • The definition of a grievance
    • Grievances versus complaints
    • The grievance handling procedures
    • Your role before, during and after the exit interview
    • Analyzing turnover
    • Healthy versus unhealthy turnover

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