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Drivers Safety Awareness and Defensive Driving Skills

Why Attend

This course is designed to help drivers develop the necessary skills and knowledge to
ensure their safety and the safety of others while driving. The course will cover a range
of topics related to driving safety and defensive driving techniques.
This Drivers training course from McTimothy Associates will provide insights to drivers
in developing the right attitude and mindset, the impact of stress and emotions on
driving and how developing a positive and defensive driving mindset is best to their
The course also explore the fundamentals of Safe and Defensive Driving, the principles
of defensive driving, maintaining a safe following distance, and scanning and identifying
potential hazards.
The course also teaches the fundamental principles of Vehicle Safety and Maintenance,
techniques for avoiding collisions, reacting to emergencies and hazardous situations.

Other Key Takeaway will include:
I. Dealing with aggressive drivers.
II. Understanding the dangers of impaired and distracted driving.
III. Defensive Driving Techniques for Different Environments
IV. Attitudinal change & driver re-orientation

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Course Objectives:
Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
·       Understand the importance of defensive driving and its impact on road safety.
·       Identify common driving hazards and how to avoid them.
·       Develop strategies for safe driving in adverse weather conditions.
·       Understand the effects of drugs and alcohol on driving ability and the importance of responsible driving behavior.
·       Understand the importance of vehicle maintenance and how to identify and address common vehicle issues.
·       Develop practical driving skills, including hazard perception, speed management, and emergency braking.

Course Outline:
Module 1: Introduction to Defensive Driving
·       Understanding the importance of defensive driving
·       Identifying common driving hazards and how to avoid them
·       The benefits of being a defensive driver
·       The common causes of accidents and collisions
Module 2: Safe Driving in Adverse Weather Conditions
·       Strategies for safe driving in rain, snow, fog, and other adverse weather conditions
·       Common hazards in adverse weather condition
·       Road Safety and You
·       Understanding the Federal Road Safety Regulations
·       High way Codes and your safety
·       Stress Management in driving
Module 3: Drugs, Alcohol, and Responsible Driving Behavior
·       Understanding the effects of drugs and alcohol on driving ability
·       The importance of responsible driving behavior
·       Understanding the importance of attitude and mindset
·       Understanding distractive driving
Module 4: Vehicle Maintenance
·       Your vehicle and you
·       Understanding the importance of vehicle maintenance
·       How to identify and address common vehicle issues
·       Interacting with Other Drivers and Road Users
·       Video case
Module 5: Practical Driving Skills
·       Hazard perception
·       Speed management
·       Emergency braking
·       Impaired and Distracted Driving
·       Strategies for Avoiding Collisions
·       Case Studies
Module 6. Driving Etiquettes, VIPs, and Protocol Management
·       Understanding importance of driving etiquette, VIPs, and protocol management
·       The benefits of understanding and following driving etiquette and protocol.
·       The impact of driving behavior on personal and professional image
Module 7. Understanding Protocol and VIP Management
·       Understanding the concept of protocol.
·       Understanding VIP management and the importance of protocol in VIP management.
·       Understanding the different levels of protocol and how they apply in different situations.
Module 8. Professional Driving and Conduct
·       Dress code and personal appearance for professional drivers
·       Professional behavior and conduct when interacting with VIPs and clients.
·       The importance of punctuality, reliability, and discretion
Module 9: Final Assessment
·       Practical driving test to evaluate the participants' skills and knowledge.
·       Optional: Fatigue Management Device
·       Recap of Key Learning points
·       Presentation of Certificates
Delivery Method:
This course will be delivered through a combination of classroom
lectures/presentations, group discussions, and practical driving sessions. The course
will be facilitated by experienced driving instructors and will be tailored to meet the
specific needs of the participants. The course will also include a final assessment to
evaluate the participants' skills and knowledge.

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