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This assertiveness course is ideal for people looking to take more control of their working and/or personal life. The training includes techniques and strategies to help delegates become more confident and assertive to achieve their desired outcome when communicating with others. This course is will help you in handling tricky situations in a way that is fair and acceptable for all those involved. Becoming more assertive can be of immense benefit to everyone, especially business professionals who are expected to relate to diverse roles and people of varying backgrounds. Being more assertive can make you feel more confident, enhance your self-esteem, reduce the impact of stressful situations and help you to be more successful both personally and professionally.

$ 128.49

Event Date: 06/07/2022 – 07/07/2022


Introducing the Assertiveness Skills Toolkit

  • Facilitator presentation and participant personal introductions
  • Understanding what makes people assertive and their benefits
  • Types of behaviors
  • benefits, advantages, and disadvantages of each type of behavior
  • Internal beliefs and their impact
  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Expressing your desired outcome
  • Rotating flipchart group work, facilitated group review, individual questionnaire, pairs exercise, and group discussion.

Using assertive communication

  • Words and phrases to avoid
  • Positive phrasing
  • Importance and impact of positive body language and voice tone
  • Updating the Assertiveness Skills Toolkit
  • Practice writing assertive responses to a personal scenario
  • Demonstration and presentation, individual and pairs exercise and practice, facilitated group review

Further techniques for developing assertiveness

  • Fogging and broken record technique
  • Ways of saying ‘no’
  • Giving feedback
  • Presentation, Met planning, and small group exercise facilitated group review

Responding to other behavioral styles

  • Appreciating the impact of the different styles of behavior on each other
  • Strategies for responding to different behavior styles
  • Resolving conflict in a constructive way
  • Facilitator presentation, small group exercise, facilitated group review
  • Action planning and reflection
  • Review of learning and action planning, course feedback
  • Individual reflection and action planning exercise facilitated group review

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