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Why Attend

This training program is designed to discuss tips and techniques for avoiding risks and aggression. The course also identifies numerous factors that appear as innocent actions but have the potential to cause accidents and injuries. Drivers will learn the principles of defensive driving and essential collision avoidance techniques

Who Should Take This Course?

Employees who must drive automobiles (cars, vans, pickups, dispatch bikes) as part of their job. Positions like field sales personnel, field technicians, or personnel visiting offsite locations including delivery of small parts or equipment will benefit from this course.

$ 128.49

Event Date: 18/04/2023 – 19/04/2023


This training course will highlight:

  • Self-assessment of driver’s mental and physical status.
  • The importance of keen observation and quick anticipation.**
  • Rules relating to stopping distances under varied driving conditions.**
  • Problems taking place in the front (head-on Collision), at the rear and on the sides of the vehicle.**
  • Information on accident-causing blind spots on road.
  • Emergencies that confront drivers on highways.
  • Techniques of safe driving: during night, on hilly and curvy roads, on rain-soaked/slippery surfaces to avoid skidding.**
  • Laws of Physics related to Vehicle dynamics.
  • On the impact of time and space factors in the prevention of accidents.
  • The role played by the road markings towards safe motoring.
  • On efforts required to coordinate speed, visibility, and stopping distance.
  • On tackling problems related to slow-moving vehicles, liquid carriers, and unfavorable weather conditions.
  • On helping the drivers to maintain HIGH ALERTNESS through the practice


Key Course Outline

  • Five core modules and a choice of three optional modules taught in six hours of Defensive Driving
  • Driving and Ergonomics
  • Driver Psychology
  • Driving Risk Avoidance
  • Risk Perception Factors
  • Advertising Influences
  • Societal Pressures
  • Peer Pressure
  • Stress and fatigue management
  • Vehicle parade
  • Adverse conditions in Driving
  • Seat Belts and Safety Devices
  • Rules and Regulations (Traffic Signs)
  • Right of Way
  • Sharing the road (bikes, pedestrians, bad drivers)
  • How to communicate with other drivers
  • Road Rage

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