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Certified Brand Manager Course

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Branding is the process by which companies distinguish their product offerings from the competition. A brand is created by developing a distinctive name, package, and design, and by arousing customer expectations about the offering. This course tackles all the competencies needed to build a strong organizational brand and evaluate its performance and perceptions in the marketplace. It also details the role brand management plays in the strategic marketing process, the steps of the consumer adoption process, the different types of branding strategies, and the signs that can indicate a troubled branding strategy.

$ 184.35

Event Date: 15/06/2022 – 17/06/2022


  • Definitions and anatomy of brands
    • The definition of a brand
    • Reasons why brands matter
    • A brief history of brands
    • Difference between branding and marketing
    • The challenges and opportunities of branding today
    • Understanding branding
  • Brand planning models
    • The concept of customer-based brand equity
    • Building customer-based brand equity
    • Benefits of customer-based brand equity
    • Three tools to facilitate brand planning
      • Brand positioning model
      • Brand resonance model
      • Brand value chain model
  • The strategic brand management process
    • The brand management process: A useful model
      • Developing brand vision
      • Establishing brand position
      • Fulfilling a brand contract
      • Brand communication
      • Brand metrics: measuring RoBI (Return on Brand Investment)
    • The elements of the strategic brand management process
      • Identifying and establishing brand positioning and values
      • Planning and implementing brand marketing programs
      • Measuring and interpreting brand performance
      • Growing and sustaining brand equity
  • Brand equity and identity
    • Brand equity defined
    • Elements of brand equity
      • Brand loyalty
      • Brand awareness
      • Perceived quality
      • Brand associations
    • Designing brand identity
    • Elements of brand identity
    • Brand essence
  • Building brand portfolios
    • Branding philosophies
    • Brand growth strategies
      • New brand
      • Flanker/fighting brands
      • Line extensions
      • Brand extensions
    • Successful and unsuccessful brand extensions
  • Brand evaluation
    • Brand audit defined
    • Brand audit techniques
    • The brand audit questionnaire
    • Reviewing the “big idea”
    • Evaluating advertising

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