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Why Attend

This course covers several activities that are practiced by financial controllers, from preparing and reviewing financial statements, analyzing an organization’s financial health and performance, and administering the budget process and control function, to managing staff performance and enhancing their productivity. This course provides professionals the chance to practice these responsibilities and sharpen the necessary skills

$ 212.29

Event Date: 05/10/2022 – 07/10/2022


Course Outline

  • The three main responsibilities of financial controllers
    • Accounting and reporting responsibilities
    • Budget reporting and analysis
    • Managing finance and accounting staff
      • Evolving role of financial controller
  • Accounting and reporting
    • Overview of the main International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
    • An inside look at the key financial statements
      • Statement of financial position
      • Statement of comprehensive income
      • Statement of cash flows
      • Statement of changes in owner equity
    • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    • Supporting bottom-line focus
    • Month and year end close: Controller as a project manager
  • Financial statements interpretation and analysis
    • Key tools in analysis
    • Building block of ratios
      • Liquidity ratios
      • Solvency ratios
      • Activity and investment ratios
      • Profitability ratios
    • Going beyond numbers reporting
    • Excel techniques used in presenting analysis to management
  • Budget reporting and analysis
    • The budget as an added value activity
    • Evaluating the budget and highlighting objectives
    • Presenting budget to top management
    • Preparing meaningful actual versus budget reports
  • Control function
    • Structure of internal controls
    • Setting and updating policies and procedures
    • Assessing internal control policies
    • Internal controls on financial reporting
    • System controls
    • Backup and disaster recovery planning
    • Ethical considerations
  • Boosting efficiency in your department
    • It’s all about Excel
      • The 10 must have Excel tips
      • Working with text files
      • Looking up records from a database
      • Validating data and controlling data input
      • Reconciliations and accounts analysis using pivot tables
      • Creating management reports and dashboards
  • Personal organization and time management
      • Monitoring staff efficiency to support the accounting close
      • Tools to increase staff productivity
      • Managing staff skills and attitudes

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