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Blue Ocean Strategy Masterclass

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Blue Ocean Strategy Masterclass

Why Attend

How does the management find a unique positioning, the “place” the organization should be in the industry? That is discovering a good strategy.

The ability to think strategically in today’s global, high-tech business environment is critical to ensuring your organization survives – and grows – into the future. By breaking down business strategy and value creation into its essential elements, you’ll develop your strategic thinking skills. And through structured learning activities including video lectures, quizzes, discussion prompts, and writing assessments you’ll discover how to improve your organization’s competitiveness.

In your arena of tough business rivalry, how do you create an uncontested market space for your organization? That’s the only space where you can make competition irrelevant. What discrete activities would your organization perform in creating, producing, and delivering goods and services? All costs arise from value chain activities and all that makes you differentiated is created by these value chains.