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Benchmarking offers the opportunity to compare an organization’s performance against industry competitors, noting strengths, weaknesses, and different ways of executing projects.

Benchmarking methodological uniqueness is represented by the identification of those processes that lead to superior performance, followed by the analysis of the best practices behind that success. As successful businesses constantly focus on improving the quality of their processes, products, and services, benchmarking comes as one of the best approaches to achieving innovative ideas and superior procedures within the organization, through finding and implementing best practices.

To ensure a successful benchmarking study, professionals should not only become familiar with how to drive a good selection of the variables to be measured but also how to determine the comparison compatibility of the measured processes and allocate the resources accordingly.

$ 212.29

Event Date: 02/10/2022 – 29/10/2022


  •  Introduction to benchmarking
    • Benchmarking definitions
    • Benchmarking examples
    • Benchmarking Code Of Conduct
    • Types of benchmarking
  • Why benchmarking
    • The purpose of benchmarking
    • How to develop a benchmarking plan
    • What to benchmark
  • What to benchmark
    • What are your products/services?
    • What are your processes
    • How are you performing
    • What is your strategy?
  • Critical questions for benchmarking
    • The four critical questions in benchmarking
    • Positioning strategies in benchmarking
  • The benchmarking processes
    • The plan, analysis, implementation, & monitoring
    • The organizational impact of benchmarking
    • Factors of benchmarking success
    • Examples of benchmarking business processes
  • The steps in benchmarking process
    • Understanding your steps
    • Types of benchmarking
    • Myths and facts of benchmarking
  • Benefits of benchmarking
    • The benefits of benchmarking
    • Real-life examples
    • Role of Management in benchmarking
    • Quality improvement through benchmarking
    • Advantages & disadvantages of benchmarking
    • Practice exercise

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