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Advanced Selling Skills & Strategies for Senior Professionals/Manager

Why Attend

This AIES endorsed course is perfectly positioned for those starting a career in sales and also of great benefit to experienced sales professionals who would like to upgrade their selling skills and techniques with the latest developments in this vibrant field, and to other professionals keen on understanding the sales function in general. While this course focuses on providing participants with core knowledge about sales as a function and as a process, it will also give them an in-depth understanding of self-management, the art of prospecting, opportunity planning and resource allocation. In addition, participants will acquire several skills related to negotiating deals, overcoming obstacles, resolving customer issues and closing sales.

$ 150.83

Event Date: 12/10/2022 – 13/10/2022


  • The changing business environment
    • The evolution of personal selling
    • The new sales competencies
    • Behaviors, characteristics and skills of a successful salesperson
    • Assessing performance according to specific sales indicators
    • The 10 root causes of sales problems
    • Personal selling profile
  • Preparation and self-organization
    • Personal management
    • Time management for sales people
    • Understanding the psychology of selling
    • Developing strategies for sales success
  • The sales process
    • Prospecting and qualifying
    • Pre-approach
    • Approach
    • Presentation and demonstration
    • Overcoming objections
    • Closing
    • Follow up and maintenance
    • Product selling versus service selling
    • A glimpse into different selling models
  • Business negotiations skills
    • Principles of successful negotiations
    • The six elements of successful sales negotiations
    • The power of  questioning and probing
    • The BATNA principle
    • Establishing ranges; understanding the limits
  • Managing the customer relationship
    • Basics of building customer relationships
    • 5 rules for successful relationships
    • The essence of  attitude in relationship building
    • The art of sales communications
    • Influencing sales outcomes

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