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Advanced Excel Techniques, Pivot Tables and Macros

Why Attend


Though many professionals use Excel on a daily basis, Excel still has a lot of things to offer such professionals. Here, we go even deeper in many formulas and functions that professionals need to operate fast and more efficiently. This course is a second level in Advanced Excel. We cover many areas in Pivot Tables and add an introduction to PowerPivots. PowerPivots put your Pivot Tables on turbo! They are best used when you have significantly big data and may offer solutions to some of of the limitations that Pivot Tables have. The last part of the course is dedicated to autmoating your Excel reports and reconciliation through the use of Macros.

$ 106.14

Event Date: 03/08/2022 – 03/08/2022


Course Outline

  • Key functions to prepare data for pivot table reporting
    • Table format
    • Lookup functions
    • Text functions
    • Naming cells
  • Creating and custoimizing pivot tables
    • Adding fields to reports
    • Adding layers to pivot table
    • Rearranging pivot tables
    • Number and cell format
    • Report layout
    • Calculation in value field
    • Grouping and ungrouping fields
    • Default and customized sorting and filtering
    • Sorting using custom list
    • Filtering using slicers and timelines
    • Connecting multiple pivot tables to one set of slicers
  • Performing calculations within pivot tables
    • Creating calculated field
    • Creating calculated item
    • Using cell references and name ranges
    • Managing pivot table calculations
  • Advanced techniques
    • Using ‘macros’ to enhance pivot table reports
    • Transposing a data set with a pivot table
    • Utilizing pivot table wizard
    • Auto filtering with pivot tables
    • Creating multiple reports in different workbooks
    • Making use of the GetPivotData option
    • Sharing pivot tables with others
  • Analyzing disparate data sources with pivot tables
    • Using multiple consolidation ranges
    • Using internal data model
    • Building pivot tables using external data sources
  • The new world of PowerPivot
    • Benefits and drawbacks of PowerPivot
    • Merging data from multiple tables without using Vlookup
    • Creating better calculations using the DAX Formula language
    • Working with data model in regular Excel 2013
    • Using DAX to create calculated fields
    • Calculate and Related functions
    • Using Key Performance Indicator (KPI) in PowerPivot
      • Compared to an absolute value
      • Compared to a calculated target value
    • Dashboarding with Power View in Excel Pro Plus

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