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Advanced MS Excel for Business & Professional Use

Why Attend

The fact is that Excel is the accountant’s, finance, and business professional’s best friend. Companies everywhere are overwhelmed by the abundance of unstructured and unclean data. Monthly, quarterly and annual closings are immensely data-driven and require moving and exporting data from ‘ERPs’ and databases to Excel. This hands-on course will advance your data massaging, modeling, integration, and automation skills to new levels. You will also master normalization and massaging of noisy data, preparation of reports, analysis, and reconciliation.

This is an Excel-based course allowing you to develop an exclusive level of expertise and add immediate value to your job and company.

$ 83.80

Event Date: 01/07/2022 – 02/07/2022


Data massaging: tools and techniques

  • Consolidating data from separate files and sheets
  • Advanced data validation using lists, dates, and custom validation
  • Cell management tools: left, right, mid, concatenate, value
  • Naming, editing, and managing cells and ranges
  • Subtotal, Sumif, Sumifs, Sumproduct, Count, Countif, Countifs
  • Looking up data, texts, and values using Vlookup
  • The incredible table-tools technique
  • Slicing dates into day names, weeks, week numbers, month names, years, and quarters
  • Text to columns and dynamic trimming using Trim, Len
  • Managing texts and numbers using replace, find and substitute
  • Text change functions

Reporting, analysis, and reconciliations using pivot tables

  • The 20 must-learn rules
  • Creating pivot tables
  • Number formatting techniques
  • Designing report layout
  • Sorting in ascending, descending, and more sort options
  • Filtering labels and values
  • Expanding and collapsing reports
  • Summarize data by sum, average, minimum, maximum, count
  • Show values as % of total and % of
  • Pivot table options
  • Drill down option
  • Showing report filter pages
  • Inserting formulas
  • Date analysis
  • Copying pivot tables
  • Creating pivot charts
  • Dynamic chart labeling
  • Mastering the slicer
  • Linking pivot tables and pivot graphs with PowerPoint
  • Conditional formatting with pivot tables
  • Designing reports using GetPivotData

Modeling and integration techniques

  • Perform ‘what-if’ analysis using the spinner
  • Check box data modeling with the ‘if’ function
  • Option button data modeling with the ‘if’ function
  • List box data modeling with the ‘Choose’ function
  • Linking Excel with text files
  • Linking Excel with databases (Access)
  • Linking Excel with multiple Excel files and SQL
  • Linking Excel with the internet
  • Linking Excel with Excel
  • Scenario manager

Introduction to learning the ultimate tool in Excel: ”Macros”

  • Macro basics
  • Planning a macro
  • Designing your control board
  • Recording macro
  • Testing macro
  • Editing macro
  • Macro workshops
  • Advanced filter with macro

Tips and tricks in Excel

  • Data entry form
  • Custom list
  • Camera tool
  • Text to speech
  • Protecting worksheets and workbooks

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