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Advance Management Accounting Practice

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This course presents how Strategic Managerial Accounting primarily links the goals of the organization with its analysis of cost accounting as well as its management information systems.
But beyond the cost accounting elements, this Strategic Managerial Accounting course takes a significant view of the business and its competitors for developing and monitoring business strategy.

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Event Date: 05/03/2024 – 07/03/2024


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09/05/2024 – 11/05/2024

Price: $ 195.53

05/06/2024 – 07/06/2024

Price: $ 195.53

12/09/2024 – 14/09/2024

Price: $ 195.53

03/10/2024 – 05/10/2024

Price: $ 195.53

Course Outlines

Significance of Management Accounting
•    Awareness of Competitive Conditions
•    Strategies for Improving Business Operations
o    Budgeting
o    Costing
o    Market intelligence and competitor analysis.

Relative Cost Position Analysis
o    Costing methods
o    Comparative production capacity computations
o    Economies of scope and scale computations
o    Supply chain processes analysis
o    Comparative technology deployment
o    Setting and auditing the Quality-Cost-Time (QCT) factors of projects.

Sustainable Cost Analysis
o    Management of primary fixed asset base
o    Cost control measures
o    Supplier relationship analysis and management
o    Inventory management
o    Economic Value Analysis and management decisions
o    Strategic Management Accounting and Net Present Value
o    Quantitative analysis of cash flows and the qualitative issues.

Internal and External Operations Management
o    Choice of appropriate business model
•    Integrated Measures
o    Balanced Scorecard analysis
o    Determined focus on critical result areas
o    Discipline with key performance indicators
o    Control systems to drive strategy.
•    Pricing Power Matrix
•    Cost Leadership and Product Differentiation Decisions.

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