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Why Attend

This course provides participants with core knowledge about sales as a function and as a process; this means that participants will get solid exposure to sales and its contribution to company growth. They will also gain an in-depth understanding of sales and self-management, the art of prospecting, opportunity planning, and resource allocation. In addition, participants will acquire several skills related to negotiating deals, overcoming obstacles, resolving customer issues, and closing sales. Also, we cover all the most important elements of service any person involved in direct interactions with customers should know and apply. From the necessary behavioral and communication skills to the right attitude, and including specific methods to analyze and improve the service provided, we cover it all straightforwardly and effectively which will help participants ensure customer satisfaction and delight in the most challenging situations.

$ 83.80

Event Date: 11/08/2022 – 12/08/2022


  • The changing business environment
    • The evolution of personal selling
    • The new sales competencies
    • Behaviors, characteristics, and skills of a successful salesperson
    • Personal selling profile (self-assessment instrument)
    • Understanding your organization’s BIG pictures
  • Preparation and self-organization
    • Targets from a sales perspective
    • Personal management
    • Time management for salespeople
    • Understanding the psychology of selling
    • Action plans for achieving & surpassing sales target
  • Mastering the sales process: from initiation to post-sales
    • Prospecting and Qualification:
      • The vital importance of prospecting
      • Setting your ideal customer profile
      • Understanding the sales funnel
    • Pre-approach:
      • How to conduct effective competitive analysis
      • Neutralize or offsetting perceived competitor’s advantages
      • Working your company’s strengths against competitors’ weaknesses
      • Presenting your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
      • Finding and sharing the Customer Value Proposition (CVP)
    • Approach:
      • Creating a positive first impression
      • The art of breaking the ice
      • Researching and simulating sales solutions
    • Presentation:
      • The presentation mix
      • The fundamentals of powerful sales presentations
    • Handling objections:
      • Reasons of customer objections
      • Dealing with sales objections
    • Closing:
      • Reading the buying signals
      • Understanding the art of closing the sales
      • Types of closing techniques
    • Follow up and retention:
      • Handling customer complaints
      • Essentials of relationship management
      • Upselling & Cross-selling techniques
  • Professional Behavior with Customers
    • The power of behavior
    • Principles of effective behavior
    • How to behave professionally with your customer
    • Verbal and non-verbal components of communication styles
    • Attributes of a professional sales person
    • Personal effectiveness for success

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