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Dear Esteemed Customer,

We have continued to monitor the developments on the Coronavirus pandemic, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Nigeria have risen to 65 with one death recorded and three recovered. Clearly, the situation has escalated, and we need to do more to manage the situation. We are facing the most serious world health emergency in a century.

COVID-19 is presenting major challenges to people and organizations around the world. As governments consider the new rules and policies needed to protect their citizens, business leaders are also managing the crisis on behalf of their employees, customers, and stakeholders. They are confronting immediate concerns, taking steps to ensure people’s physical and emotional well-being and their organization’s ability to weather unprecedented levels of uncertainty.

In line with global best practice advice on how best to curtail this situation, The McTimothy Consulting Group (McTimothy Associates Consulting and its Subsidiaries) will like to assure all stakeholders that we are staying safe and keeping well while working to ensure continuity of our services with only minimal disruption. As a result of the situation, however, we have taken immediate action to reduce our key operations across Nigeria. These actions, we believe will ensure the safety of our staff and customers and enable the continuous availability of our services after COVID-19. This is part of our Business Continuity Plan to sustain operations with minimal impact to our customers.

Health & Safety:

The health and safety of our staff, customers and communities are of utmost concern and we are acting in line with global best practices to take precautionary measures to minimize the risk of our people contacting it.

We will shut down our various office locations to non-essential staff and safely accommodate only critical staff at the operational facilities required to keep our services running. This will imply that face-to-face customer engagements and non-critical provisioning activities will be placed on hold. This is in addition to strict adherence to the previous guidelines of no events, no large gatherings, etc. Please note that our emphasis during this period will be on sustaining the core of our operations and attending to issues on customer or third-party locations may be impossible or take a little longer to achieve, depending on the circumstances.

Skeletal Services:

• We are suspending all non-essential visits to all our premises and facilities including training at all our facilities.
• As exception, visitors will need to explicitly advise why they need to visit our facilities including and why such activity cannot be undertaken by our staff on their behalf or why the activity cannot wait.

Continuous Service:

We are fully prepared to ensure that all our services will continue to run seamlessly, and plans are in place to ensure no disruption for all Consulting services. Our staff have been adequately equipped to work Remotely from Home in compliance with Social distancing order.

While critical staff will continue to have access to our work facilities on an individual basis in order to ensure we practice social distancing and stay safe in serving you, all other staff will work remotely from their homes and will continue to engage our customers, partners, and stakeholders electronically as may be required.


While all registered courses for Open Workshops and in-plant Training have been put on hold till we safety and confidently resumed work. We want to assure all our customers that we expect services to continue to run normally and that we are equipped with all necessary and operational consumables and skilled to perform in-plant training/courses that CAN NOT Wait. However, these measures MUST comply with social distancing, very minimal number and other safety measures as advised by WHO. These are on a best effort basis as we hope that the impact of the crisis continues to be manageable across different elements of services delivery.


All face-to-face interviews with candidates/job applicants are also put on hold till resumption. However, shortlisting and telephone screening are on-going among our various staff and consultants working remotely to minimize delays in service delivery.

However, we’ve tried to make keep open as many communication channels as possible. See below contact details for different types of inquiries channels:

  • Training /Invoicing issues:
  • Advisory/
  • Sales related inquiries :
  • HR/Recruitment issues:

Alternatively, you can reach us on the phone using either +234(0)805 880 5333 or +234(0)703 485 4045 or +234(0)805 880 5444 or +234(0)815 642 8671.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation throughout this current and evolving situation. We will continue to closely monitor this situation, respond appropriately and keep you informed on any significant changes to these procedures. You can always visit our website at and navigate to our Blog Page and Executive Blog for more resources in managing crisis like this during this critical period.

Your safety is the most important:

We appreciate your continued support and patronage. Your satisfaction remains our top priority. As you go about your daily activities, do continue to take appropriate safety and health precautions.

“Think Safety First, Think Safety Always”

Best Regards

Tayo Oluwole

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