McTimothy Associates

Management Consulting Service

Looking for a Management Consulting Firm That Will Help Your Business

No matter what industry you are, our consultants at McTimothy Group will formulate an effective strategy that will make your business thrive. Our functional knowledge and industry performance is second to none.
Our value-adding business advisory service in Africa strive to improve your company’s business performance and create strategic advantage for you in your market.

At McTimothy Associates We Help You;

  • Formulate and implement your fit-for-purpose business strategy and execution plan. 
  • Design your organisation and put in place the right structure that helps you effectively execute your strategy? 
  • Develop the right management principles, policies, processes, and procedures to help you standardise your operations, scale your business and ensure it works whether you are there or not. 
  • Help you build the management capabilities required to win in the marketplace. 
  • Design and execute a well-orchestrated business rhythm and discipline that enables your organisation to excel at getting the right things done? 
  • Develop and implement a corporate performance and execution management system that ensures you are paying employees for performance and not attendance? 

At McTimothy Associates Consulting, Business planning and execution are two things we do excellently well. And this because our team of management consultants understand the importance of corporate strategy to every business. McTimothy Associates will help you to transform your business, guiding you through every step. From strategic planning to implementation.

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