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HR Role in Innovation And Creative Thinking

HR Role in Innovation And Creative Thinking

Duration: 5 Days

Scheduled Date: 13 – 17 March | 14 – 18 August | October 30 – November 3 2023 Dubai, UAE 

Course overview

HR manager plays a crucial role in innovation implementation process. The most effective development strategies focus on people and talent management practices, placing human resource in a unique position to empower innovative behaviors and practices within an organization. A human resource manager has an excellent position for implementing innovation strategy and creative thinking in organizations, introducing innovative practices, and HR creative ideas. However, in many organizations, human resource departments do not carry out this function to the extent they could. So, our course is intended to solve this problem by presenting the most innovative HR practices for its participants.

This course, HR’s Role in innovative development and creative thinking includes two parts. The first part gives you, as a professional, a thorough understanding of the tools and techniques of creative thinking and how they fold into the tools, techniques, and practices of ideation management and innovation management. During the second part of the course, we will have a detailed discussion and review, with exercises, about how HR can enable innovative development, besides participants will share some creative HR ideas with each other. We review specific actions, processes, and OD elements required from human recruiter to enable strong innovative development in any organization. We close the course with a review of current global innovative development trends and innovative ideas for human recruiting department.

This course is essential for HR Directors, Executives, Partners, and Organization Design executives and specialists, who would like to enable innovative development in your organizations and achieve the following objectives:

  • Understand how to activate innovative development process in your organization
  • Know how to operate and switch between different thinking styles efficiently
  • Reveal how to apply the various innovation implementation methodologies
  • Practice several ideation techniques with real problems
  • Learn how to develop and sustain an innovative organization
  • Review the appropriate trends that you can apply to your company.

Who Should Attend?

  • HR Professionals
  • HR Managers
  • Anyone who is interested in HR innovative practices
  • Managers who want to come up with creative ideas for better people management

What You will Gain

  • Understand the role of HR in enabling and improving innovation in your organization
  • Understand the human capital and organization development elements to be implemented to enable innovation in your organization
  • Be able to consciously switch between different thinking styles (creative, analytical, systems, critical, etc.)
  • Understand and exercise various ideation techniques
  • Understand the applicability of the different innovation methodologies to your organization
  • Be able to apply and manage the right idea management process in your organization
  • Apply an innovation management process – and modify as appropriate – for your organization
  • Manage your innovation portfolio according to innovation types, taking the strategic and market context into account
  • Understand how to build and sustain an innovative organization
  • An overview of appropriate KPIs for different innovation types and organizational contexts
  • Understand the current global business-oriented and HR-related innovation trends

Features & Benefits

  • Extensive Workbook with Course Materials
  • Handouts and other Supporting Materials
  • Practical Examples and Various Case Studies
  • Quick Reference/Top Tips Guide
  • Professional & Experienced Instructor
  • Accelerated and Intensive Learning Techniques
  • Relationship Building within Course
  • Post Course Action Plan
  • Index of Additional Suggested Materials
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Coffee Breaks
  • Lunch
  • Free Wifi Access