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Creative Thinking and Innovation Workshop

Creative Thinking and Innovation Workshop

Duration: 5 Days.

Scheduled Date: February 13 -17 | May 22 – 26 | 04 – 08 September 2023 Dubai, UAE

Course overview

Innovation and creative solutions make all the difference between leaders and outsiders in the competitive modern market. Still most organizations approach the art of creative thinking unsystematically and chaotically. Innovative decisions in companies cannot be made intuitively. They require a deep understanding of the types of innovation, creative thinking techniques, methodologies, and innovation management. Our training course will show you how to think out of the box and how to improve creativity.

This course gives you all the tools, techniques, models, and theoretical knowledge required to move the innovation in your organization to the next level. You will learn a wide range of thinking styles and devote much time to an in-depth exploration of a variety of idea generation (ideation) techniques. Explore how to leverage the diversity of a team for even greater creative thinking skills and problem-solving ability. Then we switch to innovation types, and methodologies, the crucial idea management, creative thought process, and the overall innovation management process. Closer to the end of the course, we review why you should factor into your management of the organization’s innovation portfolio, then move onto a brief review of KPIs for various innovation types.

This creative thinking course is essential for Chief Innovation Officers, managers, staff in R&D departments, and everyone interested in leading their companies to a better innovative future. Participants of the course will improve the following creative and innovative thinking skills:

  • Be aware of different ideation types that allow you to be more flexible in innovative thinking
  • Practice multiple ideation techniques and put theory and practice into context
  • Know how to improve creativity and problem-solving skills at the team level
  • Learn the nuances of critical and creative thinking, its tools, and methodologies
  • Explore what is an innovation management process for better outcomes
  • Understand the foundations of KPIs for realistic performance evaluation and expectations.

Who Should Attend?

  • Leaders and Managers
  • Supervisors and Team Leaders
  • HR Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Project managers
  • All individuals who want to develop a more creative approach and come up with innovative solutions.

What You will Gain

  • Review your organization and its processes to reveal the room for improvement of productivity
  • Be able to consciously switch between various thinking styles (creative, analytical, systems, critical, etc.)
  • Understand and practice various ideation techniques
  • Understand the applicability of the various innovation methodologies to your organization
  • Be able to apply and manage an appropriate idea management process in your organization
  • Apply an innovation management process – and modify as appropriate – for your organization
  • Manage your innovation portfolio according to innovation types, taking the strategic and market context into account
  • Understand how to build and sustain an innovative organization
  • An overview of appropriate KPIs for different innovation types and organizational contexts
  • Understand the current global innovation trends
  • Lead your organization to better results with the assistance of innovative methods

Features & Benefits

  • Extensive Workbook with Course Materials
  • Handouts and other Supporting Materials
  • Practical Examples and Various Case Studies
  • Quick Reference/Top Tips Guide
  • Professional & Experienced Instructor
  • Accelerated and Intensive Learning Techniques
  • Relationship Building within Course
  • Post Course Action Plan,
  • Index of Additional Suggested Materials
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Coffee Breaks
  • Lunch
  • Free Wifi Access