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Corporate Training

McTimothy Associates provides certified professional courses and training for staff and business owners. With the increasing competition and global oversupply of goods and services, professional qualifications for staff members have the same or even greater value than the product or service itself.
Our corporate local and international courses and trainings deliver fast results and advance the professional performance of staff, company management and business owners.
All Institute-certified trainings and courses are prepared based on real-life praxis and expertise. The knowledge and skills received from our courses and trainings, can be instantly implemented within your company.

Our tried-and-true approach has been developed to ensure that you get the most out of your next corporate training session.

Here’s what we do:

  • We meet with you for a first and then we perform a diagnostic to determine your unique needs.
  • We tailor the corporate training program to your unique requirements.
  • We meet with the line managers of the delegations.
  • We offer action plans and give the training in a very demanding and helpful manner.
  • We collaborate with your delegates to achieve long-term, sustainable change.


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