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Author: Mctimothy Associates

Why eLearning Is Essential

More and more organizations are becoming actively involved in eLearning, as they are starting to realize how impactful and rewarding it can really be. It can help organizations become better and stand out from the competition, simply because it provides employees with outstanding opportunities to

How To Manage A Toxic Employee

There’s that one person on your team — the bad apple who has nothing positive to say, riles up other team members, and makes work life miserable. If you can’t fire him, how do you respond to his behavior? What feedback do you give? How


  CONTENTS  Introduction:  THE GLOBAL PANDEMIC   Respondents & Responses:  WHO WE REACHED?   Covid-19: Its Impact on Businesses:  WHAT HAS HAPPENED?   Proactive & Preventive Measures:   COVID-19: HOW NIGERIAN COMPANIES ARE RESPONDING TO WORKPLACE ABSENCES   Conclusion   INTRODUCTION:  THE GLOBAL PANDEMIC   Corona virus has affected hundreds of thousands of people, and


In today’s trying times of global pandemic and various National Governments closing border, locking down businesses and social functions. The economic activities of the private sectors have been greatly “lock down” as well with many business leaders and HR professionals seeking ways to escape the

Managing Business in a Crisis Situation

With the increasing spread and rising confirmed cases of COVID-19, businesses are coping with lost revenue and disrupted supply chains as factory shutdowns, logistics halted and quarantine measures spread across the globe, restricting movement and business activity. Before a crisis strikes, business owners should think