Amazing Ways to Apply Emotional intelligence in Managing Staff

While many have rightly concluded that emotional intelligence is an inborn character and can never be learned. Well, I belong to the school of thought that anything you want to achieve qualities included can be learnt; Emotional Intelligence inclusive.

Emotional intelligence is imperative for a business to thrive. Emotional Intelligence is a quality that business owners and executives must have in other to listen to unspoken words of their employees most times. The understanding of facial gesture, the tone of voice, mood, and other non-verbal expressions must be decoded by any business owner because it helps to feel the pulse of your staff regularly.

This article is perfectly written to show you why a manager must cultivate emotional intelligence, and with what benefits in staff management.

Have you seen a manager of a company or an organization with very low emotional intelligence? He will never be able to direct the employee in the right way because he doesn’t even understand himself that he has a low emotional intelligence, therefore, he contradicts himself oftentimes.

This will make the staff be less motivated to continue in the job and they might be leaving the organization in droves.
The second problem of manager with low emotional intelligence is they do not recognize the impact of their statement of the member of the staff. Sometimes they might inform the entire employee that they are open to all forms of feedbacks, but immediately shutting employee down before they finish their observation. It might dent the image of an organization.

It is a great benefit to any company or organization that has a manager with high emotional intelligence because they are always on top of the situations. For example, they are able to read the body language, nonverbal communication and other unspoken words of an employee. They listen so well to the unspoken words, tones, and pauses etc. that they feel the need to address the situation in a way that will silent the matter completely. Sincerely the value of managers with high emotional intelligence cannot be over emphasized. They ‘see all’ the problems before they came and solve it in an effective way.

Managers with high emotional intelligence do not talk anyhow, they chose their words carefully. They do that because they know the impact their words and action can have especially on their employee. They also pick up information from underlying emotion of employee and they waste no time in responding effectively to the issue.

Managers with high emotional intelligence have the capacity to withstand and contain their emotion. They are humans too but they will never allow their emotion to blow out of proportion into your face. They have the ability to control their anger, sorrow, annoyance, happiness, and joy. The primary interest of every manager with a high level of emotional intelligence is the productivity of the employee which is a great asset of the company.

You have been able to see the positive effect of managers with a high emotional intelligence to any organization by showing care and concern to their employees. They help build a very good relationship within the staffs and increase their productivity.

… to your success
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