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7 ways to be an Asset to Your Organization

Joseph (not his real name though) was employed to a young, fast-growing organization as an accountant. He was a young man in his late 30’s with a firm commitment to be an asset wherever he is employed. Upon his resumption, he noticed that there were no structures and policies relating to accounting on the ground. The accounting department he was employed to work in was in complete disarray. For a few weeks, he tried to understand the whole system after which he hit the ground running. With the help and consent of the management, he designed templates, deployed the use of software, drafted policies and put structures in place even outside his accounting department to help re position the company and to set it on the right path.

He worked assiduously into late nights and weekends to achieve a lot within the shortest possible time. However, within 3 months, the company was already headed in the right path of greatness, although it wasn’t easy because like every other organization, he was criticized, called names, but he wasn’t discouraged or deterred, but poised to give his best.

These innovations he came up with to sanitize his department and the company at large earn him the trust of the management and also made him more preferred. He became a reference point and a force to be reckoned with within the organization.

No matter the situation within or outside his department, he was always consulted for his brilliant ideas and contributions.

An Asset is something that brings value to you. It adds to you. It makes you better. Assets are a useful or valuable thing or person.

If you are in an organization and your absence is not felt, it means you are yet to be an asset. If you are about to leave an organization, and the management can’t wait to see you leave, it means you are yet to discover how to become an asset.

So how can you be an asset in an organization? Below are the ways to become an asset in your organization:

  • Be diligent.

Diligence is one of the hallmarks of achievers. Men of steel who have made their mark in the sands of time have been diligent and hardworking. You can never be an outstanding individual if you are laid-back and indolent. Consider the Ant who do not have a guide, overseer or ruler, but they are disciplined and diligent enough to do the right thing at the right time.

In the lower rung of the ladder, we have people who are indolent, brain-lazy and detest hard work. They believe in luck. But for you to rise the ladder of success, you must be diligent. Even in our places of work, some employees are so lazy-leaving urgent tasks unattended to. The only thing they are diligent in doing is checking the time to see how soon they will be closed for the day. You can never be an asset if you are not diligent. Diligence is the key!

  • Be committed.

Commitment is an agreement or pledge to do something without wavering. You were employed with a firm commitment to give your all even when it is not convenient. It is a commitment to achieving organizational goals. An employee who is poised to giving his all, poised to sacrifice a whole lot will be an asset to that organization. As an individual, you need to give your best, disregard the naysayers and their discouraging statements. Never try to be committed because you want to impress the management or because you want to be recognized. Be committed and give your best without reservations.

  • Go beyond your Job Description.

Every staff upon resumption is given a document of Job description that describes the general tasks, or other related duties, responsibilities of his/her position. However, most average employees just follow their Job description strictly and will never undertake any job outside their JD. Assuming any other responsibility outside their role is like a taboo for them. Check out outstanding employees who are being recognized, they are not complacent employees who maintain the status quo and cannot go beyond their primary employment prerogatives. You cannot become an asset by doing the regular, the ordinary. No, never! The difference between the successful and the average is the extra work done.

Note that giving your best, doing extra, should not be for show off, but to sincerely help take the company to an enviable pedestal.

Make it a habit to be the best in whatever you do. Don’t give your best because of rewards, because you might be demoralized or disappointed once that recognition is not forthcoming.

  •  Think outside the box.

Go beyond the regular. Think outside the box. Ask yourself “how can I add value to this organization”. Ask yourself, apart from what am doing, what more can I do?

Consistently be on the lookout for solutions to issues arising in your organization. Go to the extent of contacting mentors on how best you can help your organization improve its performance and overcome whatever issues impeding the growth of the organization.

  • Acquire new skills.

Only stagnant water stinks. Be dynamic. Be a student of self-development. Seek to learn new things. Don’t be the same person your colleagues knew you to be a few months back. Enroll in training that can set you apart from other employees. Attend seminars and conferences that can boost your knowledge base and broaden your mental horizon.

  • Manage your time.

A visionary and a serious-minded person do not have time for frivolities. They are conscious of the fact that TIME IS LIFE. They are also aware of the mantra “time is money”, hence they effectively utilize their time well, disregarding time-wasters and distractions. This, in turn, allows them to invest in themselves making them assets to their organization and wherever they go.

  • Strictly follow the company’s policy.

No organization values employees who disregard its policies, rules, and regulations. Even in the family, parents value and focuses more on the obedient children rather than the unruly, disobedient ones who publicly bring shame to the family.

However, to be respected, valued and reputed to be an asset, you must strictly abide by the company’s policies.

Dear friends, don’t just be present in that organization, be relevant. Don’t just exist or survive that you have not been sacked, but prove your significance.

Make your mark in the sands of time in that organization. Be an ASSET!

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