Project Management Training

Creative Thinking and Innovation Techniques (3 Days)

Why You Should Attend Creativity is recognized as a key success driver for organizations and individuals. While some consider it an innate talent that one may or may not have, the modern prevalent thinking is that it is a skill which, given the right nurturing environment, can be developed and harnessed by anyone in any organization. In this course we examine the conditions necessary to build such an environment. Through the use of examples from the worlds of business, art and science...

Adaptive Leadership: Tools and Tactics (3 Days)

Why You Should Attend The overall aim of this course is to provide participants with the competencies required to make their organizations thrive in a changing world. Participants on this interactive course will have the opportunity to strengthen their practice of adaptive leadership no matter what role they play in their organizations. This course also presents tools and tactics to help participants lead and mobilize people and tackle tough problems while reaching high. Course Methodology The course features the use of interactive...

Advanced Supervisory Skills

Why You Should Attend Building advanced supervisory skills is critical to help you and your organization succeed in challenging economic times. This course is designed for helping experienced supervisors develop advanced supervisory and managerial skills such as effective management, performance management, goal setting, motivation, and team development. Course Methodology This course relies on the use of individual and group debriefs . The course also features the use of a number of case studies and presentations by participants followed by plenary discussions. In addition,...

Performance Management: Setting Objectives and Conducting Appraisals (3 Days)

Why You Should Attend Since there is a positive correlation between the performance of individual employees and the overall performance of the organization, it becomes imperative for supervisors and managers to improve employee performance by properly setting objectives and conducting appraisals. The role of ​front line managers is key to any performance management system. This course takes an in-depth view at setting the right measures to manage employees, measures that are primarily objective in nature. The course also describes how to conduct...

Management Skills and Techniques for Engineers (3 Days)

Why You Should Attend This course offers engineers and technical staff who are making the transition to managerial and supervisory positions an excellent opportunity to understand the differences in mindset between technical and functional thinking. Such transitions are not always successful and many engineers end up leaving their posts or the company altogether because they cannot cope with the new job requirements. This course gives engineers and technical teams the opportunity to make a successful transition from their technical comfort...

Key Managerial Skills for New Managers and Supervisors (3 Days)

Why You Should Attend In today’s complex work environment, becoming a supervisor or a manager demands new skills and new approaches to getting things done. New managers and supervisors must learn how to lead, motivate, and accomplish tasks effectively and efficiently through others. By attending this course, you will learn how to lead by using the situational leadership model which, when combined with interactive exercises will take you through the paces of motivation, delegation, and decision making. You will also learn...

Leading and Managing Change

Why You Should Attend Leading and managing change is the ideal course to introduce to organizations and their staff who are dealing with this critical topic, or affected by it. Participants from any organization that is undergoing some form of change, minor or major, would benefit greatly from this course which sheds valuable insight into what has become a valid preoccupation by all companies. Course Methodology Leading and managing change relies heavily on analyzing change situations that participants bring to the course. Upon...

Organizational Leadership Development

Why You Should Attend The level of success organizations enjoy depends mainly on the leadership they elect. Leadership has a say in everything that goes on in the organization. Organizational attitude and behavior, work environment, conflict management, organizational structure, power and politics, culture and many other organizational aspects are all affected by the actions of leadership. This course looks at leadership from that perspective, and provides participants with the opportunity to gain a solid understanding of leadership and how to...

Corporate Governance: Principles, Policies and Best Practices

Why You Should Attend Corporate governance is a very important topic that started getting more attention in business schools and among legislatures a few years ago, with this trend only increasing. There are different models for corporate governance but all aim at organizing the relation between company and stakeholders. Governance models start with Shareholder Wealth Maximization (SWM) that stresses owners rights, as applied mainly in the US and UK. Other methods of governance, applied in Germany or Japan for example, bring other stakeholders strongly into...

Effective Leadership and Communication (3Days)

Why You Should Attend Superior communication skills have long been associated with leadership. In this training course we look at both of these ingredients of success and bring them together in a comprehensive and practical manner. From preparing and organizing your thoughts using the latest advances in brain and mind research to analyzing the practical reality of what you want to accomplish and in what context, this course will cover it all. You will get the opportunity to discover your...

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