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January 15, 2018 10:00 am
January 17, 2018 3:30 pm
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Course Introduction

The course is anchored in the several cases in several nations of the world, but we will consider other nations and the lessons they provide. It is open to anyone with an interest in immigration and a willingness to examine issues that raise difficult moral, political and academic questions.
This is a demanding, but rewarding, class! We expect you to devote considerable time and energy to the course. In return, We will share our passion for immigration studies and help you gain a deeper understanding of the topic and social science research.

Core Course Coverage

  • Overview of Immigration Management
  • Managing Immigration Agency Relationship
  • Security and Risk Management in Immigration
  • Immigration Technology Basics
  • Measuring Success: Trends, Forecasting and Reporting Value in Immigration issue

Target Audience

  • Administrative Managers/Assistants
  • Immigration Coordinators
  • Travel & Protocol Managers
  • Personal Assistants/executive secretaries new to travel management

Course Benefits includes 

  • Advising immigrants or preparers on appropriate documentation and lead times required for sponsored travel and outside activities, domestic travel, foreign travel, premium class, non-contract carrier, foreign flag carrier, actual expense allowance and leave requests.
  • Provide immigration law related advice and support to regional functions
  • Act as a point of contact for any matters relating to the employment, residence and presence of foreign nationals within their Region
  • Work closely with outside counsel nominated by the Legal Department on immigration matters including determination of appropriate visa and filing of necessary documentation with the relevant government agencies
  • Maintain all immigration/visa records for members of staff from different countries in their Region and as required by law
  • If an agent / consultant is used in their Region, act as the focal point of contact with the agent / consultant and monitor the services being provided by the agent / consultant
  • Ability to take up the responsibility for, either directly or through our agents / consultants, the issuance and execution of critical immigration related documents filed with government agencies including visa applications/petitions and associated requisite documents
  • Together with the Travel Manager establish, implement and enforce standard processes and procedures for documentation related to immigration laws and regulations in countries within their Region
  • Provide input to the immigration and visa tracking database to manage visa and immigration activities
  • Ability to engage in implementing, disseminating and monitoring compliance with Immigration Compliance Policy
  • Will be able to ensure recruiters, operations, staffing/hiring managers are trained in issue-spotting and appropriate visa classification and conduct training of relevant personnel for immigrant from several countries within their Region.

Course Coverage


  • Organizing passports, processing visas and overcoming the complexities and problems
  • Compliance with entry requirements and immigration rules
  • Ensuring the health, safety and security of staff and immigrants
  • Immigration policies and compliance management , Accommodation and international Immigration requirements
  • Factors to choose and book the most appropriate hotel and rooms
  • Meeting the demands of business travel: payment methods and exchange rates
  • Methods to research all possible options and prioritize the best Exhibitions, conferences, visits and events – nationally and internationally
  • Planning and organizing immigration events, conferences and visits
  • Organizing, exhibiting at or attending exhibitions
  • Greeting foreign dignitaries, flying flags correctly and meeting expectations
  • Order of precedence for official ceremonies


  • Analyzing the factors of Immigration Logistics
  • Earn Value Immigration Systems
  • Strategic Immigration Forecasting techniques
  • Tactical/Departmental Immigration Forecasting techniques
  • Immigration Operations Forecasting techniques
  • Immigration stakeholders Management
  • Immigration Stakeholders planning
  • Immigration Stakeholders Prioritization
  • Immigration Stakeholders optimization
  • Power/Interest Grid Matrix as a tool
  • E-Travels and bookings in compliance with corporate immigration standard operation procedures using any kind of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planner)


  • Immigration Risk Management
  • Immigration Risk Auditing
  • Immigration Risk Prioritization and Categorization
  • Immigration’s Performance Management
  • Harmonizing the goals of the different immigration’s channel members
  • Budgeting accurately and meaningfully
  • Monitoring authorization, approvals, expenditure, allowances, expenses and receipts
  • Cost control for ensuring that expenses are legitimate
  •  Cancellations, claims, reimbursements, hospitality
  • Insurance which is robust, appropriate and up-to-date
  • Types of immigration channel conflict management
  • Analyzing Immigration Channel gaps
  • Effective tools to address immigration gaps
  • Third Party Immigration Management
  • Developing a 3PL and 4PL Immigration Agency Performance System

Duration:  3days

Class Session : 10:00am – 3:30pm each day including Breakfast and Lunch time

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