Business Technology

Business Technology


McTimothy Associates is always finding better ways to boost your business. We seek to add value to your business by helping you develop and implement business technology solutions, software and technology training. We have partnered with world-class organization to help you leverage today’s technology to growth your business.

Technology Products/services

Our practice is positioned to develop and implement the following technology services:

  • Hotel Information System
  • Farmer ERP
  • Prison Management Software
  • E-commerce
  • School Management System
  • Health Card Software
  • Child Health Management
  • Photo Identification Software
  • Elect. Medical Recoding System
  • Software for Insurance Companies
  • Inventory Management
  • Sales and Purchase Management
  • Online Book Store
  • ERP
  • Online Book Store
  • Web design
  • SEO

Advanced Supervisory Skills

In-Plant Courses

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Leadership Courses
Public Relation Courses
Public Sector
HR Management
Customer Management
Graduate Management Courses
General Management Courses
Project Management Course
Contract Management Courses
Supply Chain Management Courses
Quality Management Courses
Training and Development Courses
Health Safety and Environment Courses
Maintenance and Technical Management Courses
Logistics, Warehousing and Inventory Management Courses
Sales Perfoemance and Marketing Management Courses
Personal Development and Effectiveness Courses
Strategy and Strategic Management Courses
Financial Accounting and Risk Management Courses
International Courses Available in the UK & Dubai

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