Monday , 26 June 2017
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Effective Team Management Strategies

Effective Team Management Strategies 1.0 Introduction Working together as a team for a common purpose is the foundation of all successful management. As someone put it, ”management is a process of getting things done through others”. Managing team well is a major and stimulating challenge to any manager, whether novice or experienced manager. Team building and team management is an ... Read More »

HR Outsourcing: A Strategic Solution

HR Outsourcing: A Strategic Solution The Benefits to your Business For many small business owners, dealing with the multitudes of employer responsibilities – from creating competitive benefits packages to complying with ever-changing government regulations & labour laws can be a significant hassle. Unlike large multinational or conglomerates, smaller firms often cannot afford to run a dedicated human resources department to ... Read More »

The Quickest Marketing Tool (Part 1)


It is already seven months gone into the year 2014, and many marketer/business owners all over the world has been able to see how good/profitable  and, perhaps bad the first quarter of 2014 is (if especially you have not implemented appropriate marketing tool/programs). Unfortunately many companies are not able to count their blessings of the first quarter in the year. ... Read More »